India’s Indigenous TEBDF will have better payload capability then MIG-29K / RAFALE-M

India’s🇮🇳 First ever indigenous Twin-engine Naval fighter ORCA to have Semi-stealth design , Catapult compatibility, better payload capability than MiG-29K / Rafale M.

DRDO Chief Reddy in webinar shared some critical updates on upcoming HAL ORCA aka Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) under development for the Indian🇮🇳 Navy that showcased some improved design features and other crucial information that was not made available in Public earlier.

TEDBF featured in his presentation shows a new improved frontal section that seems to have got some Radar cross-section (RCS) reduction measures and seems to be borrowed from the forward section of the 5.5th AMCA fighter jet under development to reduce cost and advance design that has been tested in wind tunnels and computer simulations in past to reduce its developmental circle.

A Wider cockpit layout suggests that TEDBF will be getting a characteristic nose-up attitude on the ground with a nose gear that can mount catapult hook for Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) that could be operational in the future aircraft carriers of India🇮🇳.

The new cockpit layout also will give the pilot a better view of the decks while coming for landing on an aircraft carrier.

The new design of TEDBF shows that the Delta Wing has become slightly bigger now that will not allow it to carry more fuel but also to incorporate a full-sized wing section for folding operations inside storage hangers of the aircraft carrier.

Reddy also confirmed that TEDBF not only can operate from INS Vikrant but also on Russian🇷🇺 manufactured INS Vikramaditya that has lift and hangars designed for Russian🇷🇺 made Mig-29K.

In the new design, a close-coupled canard seems to be angled for more aggressive maneuvering at low speeds and also improves it’s low-speed handling of the aircraft, particularly when the aircraft is coming for a landing.

TEDBFs mid-spine section also seems to have been further improved upon for better aesthetics and to reduce drag.
Reddy also said that the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of TEDBF will be around 26 tons.

Previously it was said it could be around 24 tons but a larger wing section might have added some additional weight that in turn will allow higher fuel carrying capacity too.

Other structural to be strengthened are main landing gear, reinforcement under the main fuselage, and a tail hook.
The entire structure of TEDBF is to be given full anti-corrosion treatment to have the best protection available for the jet that could also contribute to its weight rise.

The wing folding mechanism on each wing will add 140-150kg each. New revelations of 26 tons MTOW, could also mean that it will have an Empty weight that is more than that of Mig-29K and Rafale M, which have 11 tons and 10.5 tons respectively to around 12 tons empty weight that for TEDBF.

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