India’s Next Generation Missile Boats will make Chinese Aircraft Obsolete

Indian Navy plans to induct six new next generation Missile Boats/Vessels under make in India program.  The missile vessel primary mission indicated as surface warfare unlike most other missile boats perform only Anti shipping.previously Indian navy used the Russian missile boats that can bring down entire Karachi and did awesome work in the 1971 WAR. and get the Nickname Killer Squadron. thus later replaced by the corvette’s.

It seems navy didn’t satisfied those Corvette’s they need new generation missile Boats.  but here the missile vessel have 8 VLS or Tubes for Surface attack this can be added with either Nirbhay LACM ( Land Attack Cruise Missile ) or Combination of Brahmos land attack and anti shipping cruise missiles.  the Nirbhay can strike target far more than 1200 kilometers with impressive loitering capability. also flies at low level and reduced RCS. so hard to be tracked by enemy air defence radars.

Mach 3 Capable Brahmos Cruise Missile is a fearsome Weapons system which even a Captain of an Aircraft carrier will fear due to its kinetic punch coming from its 300kg warhead and its ability to sink largest of the warships with ease. With MTCR restriction gone 800km BrahMos MK4 will be formidable Surface to Surface weapon system too which can be used to attack port and Naval facilities when required

Missile boats will have reduced RCS. so it will be hard to be detected by enemy ships. and along with lower acoustic signatures to make the ship hard to be detect by sonar’s. both of these specification indicates the ship hull should be  stealth in design and material.

These ship will be able accomodate some 100 Navy personells include 11 officers. so the ship size provide beds and other living features and stocks food.

Range and Endurance

The ship should be attain the max speed of 35 knots. and at the cursing speed of 25 knots  in any rough conditions such as sea state 4 or seat state 7 the ship should be perform it’s primary tasks as per the indicated speed. also the ship can be contentiously cruise at the speed of some 10 knots about 8 hours. and the ship should be in the sea for continuously next ten days and can able to come back to the port with 25% fuel reserve. the missile boat can also be take resupply and refuel from Tankers and Replenishment vessels to further increase the endurance and range.
Weapon Pack

Missile boats will carry 8 surface to surface missiles. but didn’t mentions stocks or reloading.

These vessel also equipped with PDMS ( Point Defence Missile System ) that can perform targets in all sides that is provide cover of 360 degree. can also be engage the sea skimming and low flying AShM who flies below 3 meters above sea level. here again the RFI didn’t mentions reloading, Range and Anti Aircraft capability. as of now Barak 8 is the only option for this.

The ship can also need a Gun that can engage both surface bombardment anti air and anti missile engagements. along with separate fire control radar.and mentioned the range more than some 15 kilometers I think OTO Melara 127/64 LW.

They also informed the ship need a CIWS system which can be a stand alone version that can have Fire cotrol radar and EO ( Electro Optical ). along with target destruction of 360 degree. but the CIWS information can be normal like all others like range and detection.

Defensive Packs

The ship should have Chaff flares for confusing incoming enemy missiles. known as the ECM (elctronic Counter measure ). that can provide cover to the entire ship. the ships also accomodate small fire arms such as can hold Assault rifles for sailors and heavy machine gun and Anti material rifles for special operations.  the ship also can smell the sonars who are all tracking the ships and can have high powerful search lights that can be operated by remotely. that will be very useful for search and rescue  missions. the ship also can have upto three big size PTZ camera’s and two more fixed camera’s that should be work both night and day.

The ship can have main  Fire Control radar that can control entire Weapons and guide them the correct directions and targets. the FCR should can accommodate with the naval comabat management system which can integrate all ships under one umbrella known as C4ISR.  the ship also can have radars for Air surveillance for keep the air space under watch and another radar for surface search to keep watching surface ships movements. the ship also can have the proper Navigational system quoted in the RFI.

The dimensions and ship displacement is not listed that means the ship manufacture should accommodate all the above in the ship. no matter of dimensions and displacement.






Source:- Life OF Solider

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