Why US President Donald Trump should buy Pakistan instead of Greenland

Pakistan has recently procured billions of dollars from China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, but it is not even enough to cover the interest payments on past debts. Foreign currency reserves are fast depleting and Pakistan’s debt has jumped to $105 billion in the first quarter of 2019. Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities are now equal to 104.3% of its GDP, which is considered unsustainable by any standard.

Donald Trump is a good deal maker and here is a golden chance to strike a deal and refurbish Pakistan with democracy, viable economy and high-rise buildings, which would decisively change the destiny of South Asia in the right direction.

The Oxford-educated prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, could do well to strike a deal with Donald Trump, who has recently expressed an eager desire to buy Greenland. The vikings of the north are not in a mood to sell, but if countries and territories can be bought, then Pakistan would be a better deal. Denmark, which has the jurisdiction over Greenland, often tops the list of the world’s happiest countries and is quite happy to be a loyal ally of the United States. To be precise, Denmark has been a loyal U.S. ally since it joined the NATO exactly 70 years ago. Denmark has supported America in all its military adventures like in Afghanistan, as well as it’s misadventures like in Iraq. No American president prior to Donald Trump has ever doubted the loyalty of Denmark as an ally. Denmark has also sent troops to Afghanistan and 43 Danish soldiers died fighting for peace in the Helmand province. Why waste time trying to buy something from Denmark, when it is more than willing to be a good friend?

The war in Afghanistan has already cost the United States a total of $975 billion. More than 2,400 Americans have been killed, and some 20,000 American soldiers have been injured while trying to secure peace and create stability in the region. All those lives lost would be in utter vain if America decides to leave in haste, knowing very well that it is the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban-regime that is likely to create havoc in the region, causing even more people to flee brutality and barbarism. Pakistan’s military and intelligence services dictate the tunes to which the democratically elected government in Islamabad has to dance. They have long seen radical Islamist groups, such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, and the different factions of Taliban, as a strategic investment to steer the development in Afghanistan and Central Asia. Over the years, Pakistan has played a double game, simultaneously offering a safe haven to jihadists like Osama Bin Laden and Taliban members, and taking economic and military support from US to fight terrorism.

Donald Trump should not rush to exit Afghanistan and should not rush to enter Greenland. It would be tremendous positive news if he bought Pakistan. For after an 18-year inconclusive war, the majority of Afghans are nervous for their women’s rights and the possibility to hold free and fair elections.

U.S. represented by envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, has held talks with the Taliban leaders, and as the deadline of September 1 is approaching fast, some sort of deal is expected very soon. It is very likely that this hasty exit strategy could result in chaos. This once again would facilitate darker forces to recapture Kabul, spoiling the entire gain of creating schools for girl students and improvement of women’s rights.

There is so much to gain and so many more lives will improve if Trump makes a proposal to buy Pakistan instead of Greenland, which has a meagre population of 56,000 people. The Greenlandic people have all their rights respected and do not want interference as such. They are willing to cooperate with USA and they would appreciate investments in education and research.

If America is in the habit of buying land and countries that are not for sale, why not propose to Pakistan? Its 200 million people would heave a sigh of relief, wanting to see their government replaced by one that is genuinely democratic, instead of a puppet prime minister, manipulated by the military junta.

The Ahmadiya Muslim minority of Pakistan could then come back and help rebuild their country. For long, India has been yearning for a neighbour that is friendly and kind, competing with it in the field of science and technology, instead of spending a major chunk of its resources in spreading terrorism. Donald Trump could create a legacy for himself by breaking the ice and striking a deal for lasting peace in a region that has seen too many dangerous wars and where radicalised terrorists could possibly grab nuclear weapons.

Greenland is not for sale. it would make more sense to make a similar proposal to Pakistan as he made to Greenland. If Trump succeeds in making Pakistan as happy as Denmark, I am sure the Greenlanders might change their mind and would rethink their refusal.






Source:- TNN

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