Boeing-made AH-64E Apache For India Is A Big Mean Machine. Find Out How

American multinational corporation Boeing and Indian Air Force have joined hands together to modernize the Indian Air Force’s helicopter fleet. The aerospace major company has brought the AH-64E Apache and CH-47F(I) Chinook choppers to the country with the motive to strengthen the Indian armed forces capabilities. With their first flight completed successfully in India, these helicopters will prove to be huge milestones for the IAF.

The world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopter, AH-64 Apache, is currently used by the US Army and various other potential international defense forces. Apparently, American defense major Boeing has delivered more than 2,100 Apaches to countries around the world.

Incidentally, since 1984 when the first AH-64A Apache was delivered to the US Army, Apache fleet has assembled more than 3.9 million flight hours in the western army. One of the major missions of Boeing has been optimizing the readiness of the Apache fleet around the globe.

And now after three years of delay, the government has finally cleared the purchase of new attack and heavy-lift choppers from the US. The $2.5 million deal will bring the all new and advanced fleet of 22 Apache and 15 Chinooks and give a major boost to the air force in the coming years. Both the helicopters are definite game changers for the country and not just on the military front.

AH-64E Apache has been described as the most lethal attack helicopter in the world ever since its launch in 1984. The Indian version of the chopper is the latest Block III configuration that the US first got in 2011.

What AH-64E Apache means for India ::

Designed for all kinds of missions, the versatile machine is equipped with laser and infrared systems. The Apache fires the Hellfire missiles besides its arsenal of 70 mm rockets with automatic cannon. AH-64E Apache will be the first pure attack chopper for Indian Air Force. The machine is going to be vital in the tactical battle scenario.

Boeing has played an important role in transforming the country’s aerospace and defense sector for more than 20 years. Apache has a niche of its own in being the most combat-proven attack helicopter and is quite sufficient to boost up the Indian Attack fleet while replacing the older Mi-25 in the order.

While the deal was signed between the company and the Indian government in 2015, the 22 Apache helicopters for the Indian Air Force will get delivered by the starting period of 2019.




Source:- Topyaps

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