Boost in Indian Military capabilities with spike anti tank guided missile


Spike is an Israeli fourth generation  man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile and anti-personnel missile with a tandem-charged HEAT warhead, developed and designed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and in service with a number of nations.

As well as engaging and destroying targets within the line-of-sight of the launcher (“fire-and-forget”), some variants of the missile are capable of making a top-attack profile through a “fire, observe and update” guidance method; the operator tracking the target, or switching to another target, optically through the trailing fiber-optic wire  while the missile is climbing to altitude after launch. This is similar to the lofted trajectory flight profile of the US FGM-148 Javelin.

Each and Every Infantry Battalions nowadays hold several Armour Piercing Equipments or an Special Weapon that would be a Anti material rifle or and man portable air defence missile or a anti tank guided missile which provide the infantry battalion group to fight against any tough conditions. while it gives Air cover and Armour cover.

The Indian Army too equiped with such sophisicated weapon systems like they have Anti material rifles the Russian made igla-s MANPAD system and the French supplied MILAN ATGM’s. But everything would replaced at time to induct more lethal and modern system. and the Indian Army now plans to induct the Spike 4th Generation ATGM system who replaces the second generation Milan systems.

There will be a Biggest game happens before shortlisting and sealing the Spike deal. the deal may be signed at the 2011. but the US dropped it’s bombshell by announcing to join India to produce Next Generation Javelin Anti Tank missile system. the Javelin system is the primary ATGM for US ground forces and the Marines. which is also a Fourth gen system.

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So Indian official looks through the US offer to co produce the next gen Javelin systems. but that deal becomes more tricky and takes more years than the scheduled date. the Forces finally opted the Israeli offer of Spike ofcourse with the ToT. and the Indian PSU company Bharath Dynamics Limited produced the Spike Missiles in India. the initial deal holds some 321 Missile Launcher tubes and Launching Equipments and some 8300 missiles and 15 training Simulators. as of now Indian army is authorized to field some 8500 ATGMs.

Initially the Spike missile will be fitted into the Indian Army BMP 2 Vehicles only. which is a IFV. the Army operating thousands of such Vehicles. that have already a 30mm cannon and an 7.62mm Rifle now the Spike will be Placed.  The Spike’s LR version is the Vehicle mounted Version which can engage the Target in 4 KM range. and it can penetrate the 600mm thick armours.

The spike chooses the weak spot of the target and fly through a  lofted trajectory  and hit directly into the Weak spot of the target. The spike uses two different guidance system one is a Imaging Infrared seeker (IIR) which allows the missile can be used in Night Conditions and the laser wire guidance gives more accuracy to hit the target. the spike’s warhead is the Tandem Charge heat which can penetrate the thick Armour then explode.

the Spike also can be used in the Remote weapon stations which can be mounted in a IFV or an Stationary outposts. The TATA kestral platform is a Good choice of mounting such RCWS weapon station along with a .50 cal or an 7.62 mm Machine gun. the Man portable and remote weapon station missiles can be produced after completing the initial procurement of  8000 missiles.
India also have an Indigenous program of building a ATGM. which is built by DRDO and BDL tey named the Missile as NAG which is a third generation missile System while DRDO added three different versions whose seeker only varying A wire guided a infrared guided and a Radar homing missile. the Army already inducted the Vehicle version of NAG which known as NAMICA the nag missile fitted in a BMP platform.
Source:- Life of solider

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