China has developed new Anti Stealth radar material


Chinese scientists have created a special material that could make stealth jets and ships even harder to detect by using current anti-stealth radar .

Whereas stealth materials already exist that effectively absorb most of the specialized microwaves that are fired into the sky by radars to detect aircraft, it has always been too thick and heavy for modern jets to carry

Now, scientists had developed shealth material that is 10 times thinner than conventional ones.

The material has an ultra-thin absorbing surface called an active frequency-selective surface absorber.

This is made up of arrays of patterned conductors fitted with two common types of circuit elements known as resistors and varactors.

They are arranged flat and have a thin dielectric on the back that reflects incident microwaves according to their frequency.

Modern radar use arrays of antennas that direct microwave energy to ‘see through’ clouds, fog or smoke and estimate an object’s size so it can be identified, Military Experts reported.

The new technology demonstrates how China rapidly is catching up in an area of defense the U.S. traditionally has dominated.

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