China uses Sun Tzu Tactics to make India unable to sell Brahmo to its allies? : Vietnamese Media

Ton Tu once stated, “Binh disgusting,” meaning when using soldiers, to deceive the enemy is forced to do advantage to win the victory on the field. Sun Tzu’s remedies are still of high value in practical use. In fact, it is considered the bedbug of many Chinese Army generals. International Air Carrier 2014.

At the Zhuhai Airshow 2014, China shocked the observers by displaying a model of a CX-1 anti-ship cruise missile with the same appearance as the Yakhont.

It should be noted that in order to create a balance in the region, Russia sold exclusively to China’s P-270 Moskit missile without agreeing to supply the P-800 Yakhont type, then cooperating with India to The PJ-10 BrahMos . So when the CX-1 appeared at the show and was displayed just a few feet away from the BrahMos missile, the Indian side was extremely angry.

Prior to India’s reaction, Vassily Kashin, an expert with the Moscow-based Center for Strategic and Technological Analysis, said that China’s CX-1 was based solely on BrahMos anti-ship missiles and said: “Russia does not sell this missile to China or provide enough technical data for China to manufacture.”

Kashin’s reassure may, however, reassure India somewhat, but it is unlikely that potential New Delhi partners – those intending to order BrahMos missiles – feel secure, as they are concerned that Beijing has Somehow stealing Yakhont’s technology, the advantage of secrecy in tactical features is gone.

As adding fuel to the fire, China also announced that it would be the main weapon for the country’s most powerful naval destroyers in the future, including modernized Sovremenny, Type 052C, or even Both Type 052D.

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However, after that noisy launch, the CX-1 had almost fallen into oblivion and disappeared quietly, with no information showing that it had been perfected to put on payroll. The ships mentioned above also carry a different weapon, the YJ-12A for the Sovremenny upgrade, the YJ-62 for the Type 052C, and the Type 052D, which successfully tested the YJ-18 (3M-54E replica). .

This led to the notion that China had adopted the Sun Tzu Art when it deliberately brought forth exhibits of a non-existent weapon aimed at confusing its largest rival in Asia-Pacific. Is India, and makes the South Asian nation’s ally suspicious of delaying, even canceling its intention to buy Brahmo?

 But according to latest developments, it is possible that India has made the first BrahMos export contract, which still attracts a great deal of interest from regional customers despite China’s “blow”. launched.
Source:- Red Star
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