Chinese JF-17 or US F-16 – Who Actually Was Shot-Down By Indian Mig-21 Fighter Jet?

So did Chinese JF-17 or American F-16 Shot Down Indian Mig 21 Bison Fighter Jet? To be honest, it does not really matter which as both the F-16 and JF-17 fighter jet were equally capable of downing the Soviet era Mig-21 Bison piloted by Abhinandan Varathaman.

The French supplied Mirage-V, of which Pakistan has plenty, could have done this too. These days the air platform matters relatively little; in the Bison case, one set of avionics and air-to-air missiles had clearly worked as intended.

Can you actually walk us through that, as there is not much clarity on who engaged them, who shot down one of the f-16s, what happened to other f-16s?

What happened was this was attack package of 24 aircraft what mix of Chinese produced of JF 17s and America produced f-16s we don’t know exactly but basically it comprised of these two types of advanced aircraft. They were basically scouting for opportunities when will Indian air defense lower its guard that we can go in. And they did find their target of opportunity because 24 aircrafts amassing at one shot at one part of the border you never really can handle that kind of mass. So what really happened was they kept on flying to and fro the border and suddenly they saw an opportunity.

We have an exclusion zone 10kms in each side any military craft entering 10kms of the international border has to declare itself to Pakistani or Indian authority from whatever side. These guys did not declare themselves. They were flying 10km outside the exclusion zone. They saw the window of opportunity and came into Indian territory. The moment they started entering the 10km exclusion zone coming towards the loc Indian radars picked them up and diverted 4 pairs of attack aircraft. So what we are hearing is they were 2 Mirages, 2 MIG 29s, 2 MIG 21s, and 2 Sukhois. The MIG 21s were closest to the strike package.

When we talk about 24 aircraft, all 24 aircraft won’t come together, what will happen is f-16s will do a comeback sweep which is some aircraft carry air to ground bombs and some aircraft carry air to air bombs to sanitize airspace. F16s come to sanitize airspace, So happened was our aircraft engaged them, they basically scattered when they saw our aircraft and this very very brave young man Abhinandan Varthaman, he engaged a Pakistani aircraft and he shot them down and unfortunately, he was also targetted. This is particularly remarkable if you consider the fact that MIG 21 is 1960s aircraft and even though f-16 is 1970s vintage aircraft – only the exterior is from late 1970s, everything inside it is of the latest technology. This was 8 against 24 encounters. For every Indian aircraft, there were 3 times the Pakistani aircraft. Unfortunately, this entire thing takes place over Pakistani territory. And in such a close combat one cannot see Indian territory or Pakistani territory. What we do know is that one Pakistani plane with 2 pilots have been shot down and we have a visual confirmation of it.

Why we have visual confirmation of it is because we have seen the debris of wing commander Abhinandan’s plane and it seems to have come through a smooth landing. However, what we see in the video of Pakistani plane that was shot down as it exploded in high altitude and the debris was scattered over an extremely large area. The confirmation of this is the fact that the Director General of the inter-services public relations i.e, Pakistan’s military PR agency as well as PM Imran Khan said that “we have shot down 2 planes and 2 pilots have been captured and this is very significant because The first one they captured wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman who is hale and hearty except that those awful villagers beat him up and broke his nose and what not till the Pakistani military actually came and rescued him.

The second one I personally believe they thought he was an Indian because he very very badly injured. If you look at the scale of the explosion in the air, it will very unlikely that the pilot would have survived if he would have been very badly charred. So the pilot wouldn’t have conscious enough to give to his identity to the villagers. The other identification which is the uniform was badly burnt. Which why the DGISPR announced that a second Indian pilot was hospitalized. He even announced the name in the hospital and it turns out that the second pilot – the Pakistani gentleman who was shot down is the son of an air marshall. So it turns out that the son of a retired Indian air marshall shot down the son of a serving Pakistani air marshall.

The plane that shot him down was certainly an f-16 because we have found the remains, the debris of American made AIM-120 Amraam missile which technically Pakistan should have never used because the Americans said that it will never be allowed to be used against India. We found that debris on our side of the border. So we know that he was shot down by an f-16 but we still don’t know what thing he shot down.

The IAF’s Phalcon AWACS had adequate radar pick-up on the aerial engagement unfolding via its powerful airborne AESA radar. In addition, the Phalcon was able to map the large force engagement (LFE) from 20,000 to 50,000 feet, distinguishing and identifying the various PAF fighters taking part through their electromagnetic emissions (radars, navigational equipment and other active sensors) — duly picked up, processed and analysed by the powerful Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) systems. It identified F-16, JF-17 and Mirage IIIs as part of the Op Swift Retort PAF aircraft package.

This radar data proves beyond doubt — that F-16s were operating against India that day — exposing the lies.

Both the IACCS (Integrated Air Command & Control System) and the Phalcon AWACS registered the radar signature of one MiG-21, piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, cross the Line of Control and engage an F-16 with a R-73 missile.

The F-16 ‘kill’ was noticed by the Phalcon’s radar — with the said blip vanishing from the radar scope in the radar picture processed 8 seconds after the previous one, which had shown the blip in place.

The truth, masked behind ISPR’s ruthless disinformation campaign is that — an Indian Air Force MiG-21 on 27 February 2019 shot down a PAF fighter jet in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Tragically for the Pakistani nation, with the Pakistan Army adept at hushing up the deaths of hundreds of its soldiers without as much as batting an eyelid — there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact — and somewhere in between this blatant game of lies and deception by the ISPR — is an F-16 tail number and a dedicated PAF pilot — both of whom having served Pakistan to the best of their ability may now have had their records unceremoniously wiped out from the face of earth to serve a wider subterfuge of upholding the morale and image of the Pāk Fizāʾiyah, the pantheon of past glory and Pakistan’s best shot at hitting back at India in these times of turmoil. But can any air force afford to prosper on a bedrock of lies and deceit, a reputation dented by the controversy, always on the tenterhook of being exposed or for that matter not care at all.



Source:- PGurus

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