Construction in full-swing on India’s 2nd and 3rd Nuclear Submarine

Ins arihant

India’s second nuclear powered submarine, INS Aridhaman is being readied for launch as her elder sibbling INS Arihant is being readied for commissioning.

Both submarines are designed to carry Nuclear Missiles. Built under the Advanced Technology Vessel Project, the Aridhaman is being outfitted as the Ship Building Centre in Vizag and is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2016.

INS Arihant’s harbour and deep sea dives have been successful and the submarine that can carry 750-km range ballistic missiles is ready to be commissioned in early 2016 and showcased to the world during the International Fleet Review (IFR) to be held in Visakhapatnam from February 4. According to the original schedule, INS Arihant which was ceremonially launched on July 26, 2009 was supposed to go for sea trials in 2010 and be inducted by 2011.

“As soon as the Arihant is commissioned the focus will be on the second submarine. The hull fabrication of the third Arihant-class submarine has also been completed,” said a Navy source. If everything goes as per schedule, INS Aridhaman after clearing trials will join the Indian Navy by 2018-end, he said. 

The Arihant Class of Submarines are based on the design of Russian Akula class vessels. 

India will be having a fleet of following numbers of Nuclear Submarines in near future :
4 SSBN’s of Arihant Class + S5 SSBN’s apart from 6 new SSN’s + INS Chakra and 1 more to be leased from Russia

INS Varsha Naval Base ::

Also the work on INS Varsha is on full swing according to recent satellite images. INS Varsha is a new naval base being developed under Project Varsha for the Indian Navy. This base will be the home of the navy’s new fleet of nuclear submarines and ships. It is designed to support the fleet of 8-12 nuclear-powered ballistic missile and attack submarines to be built for the Indian Navy. It will also have underground pens to hide the submarines from spy satellites and protect them from enemy air attacks.

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