Defence Minister emphasises on indigenous development of Hypersonic missile technologies

Defence Minister  Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that there was a need to develop Hypersonic missile technologies in the country for the Indian Armed Forces . “I am looking forward to new missile technology as you know that missile technology had grown rapidly. Several countries have even prepared air defence missile systems. It is necessary to develop Hypersonic missile technologies in the country for the defence capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces ,” he said.

The Defence Minister  made the remarks during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Bharat Dynamic Limited here. India had tested a Technology Demonstrator Vehicle in June this year. Doubts were raised on the success of its test though the DRDO had stressed that the “missile was launched successfully.” Several nations in the world are said to be developing Hypersonic weapons.

India’s Brahmos-II missile which is said to be under development will also be a Hypersonic weapon. The Defence Minister  while speaking at the ceremony also took a swipe at Pakistan for naming its missiles after “attackers.” “When it comes to missile technology, sometimes people want to see the country’s aggression in missile technology’s development.

Our neighbour names their missiles after attackers-Babur, Ghori, Ghaznavi missiles. Such names are kept so that Pakistan can project aggression,” he said. “In India, defence forces are not maintained to attack other nations. Our defence forces work for peace and stability at regional, continental, global levels…Missiles here are named Prithvi, Akash, Agni, Nag, Trishul, BrahMos. They invoke balance, patience and destruction if needed,” he added. The Defence Minister  said that the government wants to take India’s defence exports to a respectable position in 2025. “Modernisation of Armed Forces  is our priority. We want to fulfill all the requirements of Armed Forces through indigenous means,” he said. “DRDO  is working on Akash-1s, Akash-NG, Astra, NPATGM, QRSAM and several other missile systems.

All these missiles are being developed indigenously. I can say that it is because of BDL  that India has the capability to face all the challenges coming from land, air and water. DRDO has successfully completed the trial of NAG anti-tank missile. Now, these missiles are moving to the production stage,” the Defence Minister said.







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