DHANUSH :: India’s Own Artillery Gun !! Is IT Best Choice for Indian Army ??

Dhanish towed gun system is capable of targeting at long ranges, incorporates autonomous laying features and having one of the most sophisticated suites of electronic and computing systems in the world. The tactical game-changer ‘Dhanush’ 155 mm x 45 calibre Artillery Gun system. It has an effective range of 38 kms in the plains and has advanced day and night direct firing system. ‘Dhanush’ is a unique model of synergized approach for development of a complex system involving all stakeholders, which had undertaken upgunning of 130mm gun to 155 x 45 calibre.

In early 80’s India acquired Bofors to fulfill its Artillery gun demand and Bofors help India to win kargil war because enemies are on big height’s in their shelter, Bofors destroyed them in there bunker and India is able to win the Kargil war. But due to news of corruption in deal of bofors, Indian govt decided to say to No to imported artillery guns. Meanwhile OFB took charge and decided to build a Artillery Gun by its own so that the demand of can be fulfilled. The work of Dhanush started in 2010 and in 2013 OFB come up Dhanush gun.

Dhanush is better them of bofors which currently Indian Army using. During its trials OFB found that Dhanush is performing by 20 to 25% better than bofors which is currently India’s best artillery gun till now. OFB till now produces 6 Dhanush Howitzer and handed over them to Indian army so that army can check/test properly them in every condition. (Handed over to army in July 2016). Indian Army also displayed this gun in Republic day parade of 2017. Army placed 114 Dhanush gun to induct as soon as possible in its fleet of Artillery . Dhanush clear the initial stage of clearance in armies test but it fails in the final stages which held in 2017. OFB working on to correct the issues which occurred in its test failure. Dhanush failed three times in its trial. That’s why OFB decided that before going again to army for trial, they itself decided to took their internal trial so that Dhanush will not fail again.

In the Artillery modernisation plan, the Indian army needs 814 Mounted Guns, 1580 Towed Guns, 100 tracked Self Propelled guns,180 wheeled Self Propelled guns and 145 Ultra Light Howitzers. In the twelfth army five year plan 2012-17, which is in consonance with Artillery Profile 2027, the Indian army planned to upgrade its existing field regiments presently equipped with 105 mm Indian Field Gun, 105 mm Light Field Gun and the Russian 122 mm guns to the 155 mm towed gun. The Army’s Field Artillery Rationalization Plan, drawn in 1999, aims to acquire 2,800-3,000 155 mm/52-calibre guns of all kinds and 155 mm/39-calibre lightweight howitzers by 2027. The next batch of Dhanush will be in line with this target and its barrel for the next batch will be 52 calibre.

Cost of one Dhanush is 2.11 billion which is much much cheaper than any other of same category artillery gun.  Dhanush length is 45 caliber Artillery gun which can be with minimum 5 person or maximum person needed is 8  only. Caliber of Dhanush is 155mm and barrel angle is -3° to 70° degree. Dhanush is able to fire 3 rounds in 15 sec and 60 rounds in 60 min which is a good speed (speed is the need of war).  Dhanush is able to fire from 38 km to 42 km and it means that no target is in safe haven with in this range god bless India’s enemies.

Army want to induct its first batch of Dhanush artillery by the end of 2017 (because army has not inducted any artillery since bofors) but due to failed trial induction delayed, and it is assumed in 2018 Dhanush get all clearance and army will induct it and OFB will start its bulk production. OFB has to fulfill the order which is placed by army of Dhanush 114 in total number but is assumed that after completion of this order, Indian army may be placed a order of 400 artillery if Dhanush fulfilled all requirements and perform well in field.

One question arises here is that if Dhanush is so advance and capable then why army placed a order of 145 M777 Howitzer??

No doubt in this that Dhanush is capable and It is able to fire much more far than of M777 light howitzer (Dhanush has a range of 38 km to 42 km, where M777 have a range of only 30 km ). But one thing make Dhanush not a all round is that its weight, Dhanush weight is 12000 kg where M777 weight is only 4200kg due to its material by which is made of (titanium) which is lighter but stronger material. Range is always a turning factor but India have Himalaya where road quality is not so good so the transportation to these post’s near to china’s border of Dhanush is difficult but M777 transportation is easy army can deploy them easily to china’s border every easily. Army use Dhanush to those locations where transportation is smooth that’s why army is thinking over acquisition of 400 DHANUSH ARTILLERY.

Hope soon Dhanush soon clear all necessary trial and army will a get a made in Indian gun of good Quality.






Source:-  Rakshakvach

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