Fresh user trial of Agni-III Nuclear Capable Missile likely on Thursday

In less than a week after successful test-firing of land attack variant of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos by Navy, the army is all set to carry out a fresh user trial of 3000-km range Agni-III missile from a defence test facility off Odisha coast on Thursday.

The Strategic Forces Command (SFC), a specially raised missile-handling unit of the Indian Army, is likely to carry out the test from Abdul Kalam Island with logistics support from DRDO.

While preparations for the crucial test have been completed, Defence sources said the test would be carried out in a favourable weather condition.

The missile to be used for the test has been picked up randomly from the assembly line after production. This test will reconfirm the technical parameters set for the user and its readiness to handle the weapon during time of crisis.

“We have already carried out several tests of the missile, thus making it foolproof and a proven missile. This test is aimed at re-establishing the operational effectiveness of the weapon system,’’ said an official from New Delhi.

The Agni-III, capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads weighing up to 1.5 tonnes, is 17 metres tall with a two-metre diameter and weighs about 48 tonnes. The missile was inducted in the armed forces in June, 2011.

The missile is the mainstay of India’s nuclear deterrence programme as it provides the country with strategic second-strike capability.Agni-III can be launched from various platforms giving the country intermediate range ballistic missile firepower and greatly extending its power projection in the region.


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Source:- Indian Express

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