Hands tied of Indian Armed Forces in Pathankot attack

It’s not something new, That the Indian armed forces power still under soft hands, who didn’t allow them to give a option to show their fire power against enemy threats. Pakistan carried out more number of attacks inside Indian soil day by day. The new government sworn with the promise of  crushing terrorism and stopping Pakistani undercover operations against India.
     The Gurdaspur attack is one of the eye opener that Pakistan still sponsoring terrorists to carryout attacks inside India. Another side most of the government officials thinks cross border violations are nature, The Ministry failed to know how the armed forces operates under dense conditions, even the Government have Ex General of the Army in his ministry. That will not make wonders, Since he is not in the Cabinet.
    The Government wrongly understand the logic, India must adopt Israeli policy when dealing with terrorism. It’s not the armed forces, It’s the Political leaders who must learn from the Israeli leaders, Who gave full freedom to Israeli’s to carryout cross border raids against their enemies at any time.
      Questions raise, Is Indian government feared about the Pakistani nuclear sabre rattling, That’s also raise some questions in Cabinet, Once Indian forces penetrated Myanmar airspace and killed several key Naxal leaders. Pakistan responded the Indian action with bit anger, While Indians in social media sounded Pakistan is next target. Pakistan said we were nuclear nation don’t try carryout such operations inside Pakistani soil.
    The Cross Border raid inside Myanmar happens in 10th June, Exactly one and half month later Pakistan committed another Attack inside Indian land, The Gurdaspur attack killed seven Indians. Pakistan send three of it’s trained terrorists to check Indian capability of conducting strikes against Pakistan. Gurdaspur is just some miles away from Pakistan.

    The Attack made another set of issues with India Pakistan relationship. The Indian government closed the Indian citizen’s mouth by saying there is no more peace talks with Pakistani’s. Meanwhile ceasefire violations across the Line of Control still happens, The Government have no idea or they won’t have time to hear what happening in the LoC.
     After some efforts, India resumed Peace talks with Pakistan, Modi also visited Pakistan as a surprise. This one was a very bad idea, since Pakistan always known as back stabbers. Since 1947 every Indian and everyone in the world knows Pakistan is not trusted to anyone and they never stop sponsoring terrorism. Even the PM Modi also don’t have an idea how to resolve the border disputes with Pakistan. Then how confident he can walk in the enemy soil.
     There is no idea why the NSA Doval and PM modi keep moving with Pakistan and pushing them for peace talks, Are they afraid of Pakistani loose nukes. They don’t believe in our forces. Pakistan is our enemy and forever they are, there is no option to compromise. Pakistan is the only country who creating troubles in India. From Sponsoring Kashmiri separatists to Military trained terrorists  attacks in India. Still the government pushing for talks.
    As Saurav Jha said, Pakistan attacking us also talking with us, why don’t we attacking them, instead of just talking. This is what the reality happening since many years. After the Pathankot attack The government met with his cabinet ministers and released a statement, “We urge Pakistan to take tough actions against Terrorists ” . Wow what a brilliant statement from the Government who controls the world’s 4th largest army.
    Are they gone mad, The statement looks so, Even India didn’t attack the Terrorists whose locations also known to the government, Then how do they expect the same from Pakistan. The congress in 2008 too asked the same to Pakistan, The reaction from Pakistan known to everyone.
     The Investigation team also provides exact location information of the terrorists to Pakistan to take actions against those terrorists. Our Question is.? Don’t your fighter’s fly, don’t your bombs explode. The government put the fire power into the ice box. freezing till now, even the deadly attack in the Air force base Pathankot. The same saga repeats. The 26/11=Gurdaspur=AFB Pathankot all are same. the aftermath also same.
     Just a small example how other countries react in such situations, on 4th Jan, An Israeli border patrol team who patrolling the Lebanon Israeli border targeted by Hezbullah, The Hezbullah terrorists planted an IED in the patrol area, which targeted some Israeli soldiers. There were no casualties and the damage is also very minimal. How did they responded, within a second Israeli artillery’s rocked the Lebanese border, IDF patrol team shelled towards Lebanon using Heavy machine guns. AH 64 gunships breached Lebanon airspace and attacked some Lebanese positions.  Is anyone from Lebanon think again to attack Israel, Answer is known to every one.
     Why don’t the same happens in India, Indian army is far stronger than Pakistan in any fields, What stopping the government to give a go order to Armed forces to carry out attacks over terrorists camps operating along Indo Pakistani border.
    Or we may adjust with our own, Pakistan will keep fire and conducting attack missions, We and our Government always looks for peace talks and hot line phone calls.
    This is the third time Since the new government failed to react against Pakistan. the PM Modi or his NSA friend Doval also incapable to secure our Soldiers lives..!!
Credit:- sajeevpearlj
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