How much has the NSG improved after 26/11 Mumbai attacks?

The National Security Guard is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The primary reason for its conception was to combat terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances. The NSG Commandos are the best in India and rank amongst the top 5 in the world of elite special forces.

26/11 Mumbai Attacks shook the entire conscience of the nation. Ten highly motivated Pakistani Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists attacked Mumbai killing scores of people and sieging two 5-Star Hotels and one Jewish Centre. To battle this situation , NSG was called in as it is the premier Counter-Terrorism Federal Contingency Force trained and equipped to battle such a situation. By 29th November , the situation was under control with all the terrorists killed but these attacks demonstrated how ill equipped NSG was in handling such situations.

NSG lacked proper battle gear and were saddled with old Body Armor and Helmets which were ineffective against AK-rounds. They lacked Night Vision Goggles like other Top-Tier units around the world , Communication Sets , Ballistic Shields and ineffective weapons like old MP-5 SMGs without optical sights . They also lacked proper intelligence to conduct the operations leaving the men on ground clueless about whom they were fighting.

After 26/11 , an elaborate plan was develop to modernize the NSG as a Top-Tier Force to battle terrorism . Crores of Rupees were now spent on training and equipping NSG with modern firearms and new battle gear. The older MP-5 Submachine Guns were replaced by newer MP5A5 Submachine Guns with Picatinny Rails to mount tactical flashlights and Zeiss Red Dot Sights. Assault Rifles and Carbines were purchased from SIG Sauer like SG553SB/LB and SG551SB. New Glock pistols and Plastic Explosives along with advanced breaching charges were bought to allow NSG , a decisive edge during combat.

In addition , NSG also invested upon acquiring Armored Vehicles like Renault Sherpa 2 to allow them approach hot fight zones safely . NSG also bought Mobile Adjustable Ramp Systems ( MARS ) to be used upon Sherpas and Ford 550 Vehicles to allow them assault elevated positions during room interventions and Anti-Hijackings.

NSG also purchased New 3rd Generation Passive Night Vision Devices like AN/PVS-14 , TASL PNVD and BEL Passive Night Vision Goggles to make them a combat effective force even in dark conditions. Better Radio Sets and Communication Devices were bought along with new custom-made Advanced Combat Helmets ( with visor clamps and rails ) and Plate Carriers thus improving the personal gear of each operative by a high magnitude.

Ballistic Shields which can bear the brunt of small arms fire allowing the assault team to approach , were also purchased along with Wall Penetrating Radars to look behind hardened structures and CornerShot Weapon Accessories to allow the operatives to shoot behind the corner.

Belgian Malinois Dog Breed was also inducted into NSG which is regarded as one of the best sniffer dog breed. New Unmanned Ground Vehicles like DOGO Tactical Combat Robots and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles like PD-100 and Quadcopters were also purchased to provide Unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

In addition , newer Sniper Rifles like PSG1A1 and Barrett M98B has also been inducted for effective long range sniping. Optical Sights like Red Dots and ACOG has been made standard for personal weapons . Shotguns like SPAS-15 has been inducted to replace older SPAS-13 Shotguns. Knee and Elbow Pads along with Gloves and Tactical Eyewear has been made standard. NSG has also procured MedEng EOD Suits for its Bomb Disposal Team Personnels . In addition , NSG has also set up a Marine Wing composed of commandos who can undertake underwater operations equipped with Assault Rifles / SMGs and Closed in Circuit Rebreathers. Advanced multipurpose binoculars , laser designators and spotter scopes have been procured.

A change has also been witnessed in NSG training module. NSG personnel know have to undergo internationally acclaimed Vienna Test which replaces the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) Military Psychology Test , NSG applicants previously used to undergo. New Firing Ranges from Aimtrex and Training Establishments have also been emphasized upon to allow the Commandos train itself to battle potential situations.

NSG also has increased its interaction with other domestic and international units. NSG has stepped in interacting with State Commando Units and other Special Forces/SWAT units like Delhi Police SWAT , MARCOS and even International Special Forces units like US Army Green Berets and Thai Army Special Forces. NSG also conducts more mock drills around the country to make it an combat effective force in the rising threat of terrorism.

To make , NSG a pan-India force , multiple hubs were established around the nation. NSG hubs are established at Chennai , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Kolkata and Hyderabad which aims to rush the commandos in quick time for counter-hikack and counter it error iam operation.

After nearly a decade of 26/11 Attacks , NSG has successfully modernized itself to core with much more improvisations going on at organisational level. NSG has earned 53 Gallantry Awards since its inception which speaks volume about its capabilities. NSG’s modernisation was a top priority for Ministry of Home Affairs which seems to have fructifued now. The Black Cats can now take on operations with much more confidence than earlier , with their capabilities now spearheaded by a technological edge.




Source:- Quora

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