If we can build a SSBN, then why not a SSK?

Question: India has started desinging and manufacturing complex nuclear submarines, then why not designing diesel electric submarines?
~Rushiraj Moteria

If we are today building our own SSBN fleet and soon plan to start work on our SSN fleet then why not build our own SSK?

Many people will argue that we have our own torpedo in development, our own Submarine launched cruise missile in development, an Indian sonar already developed, design and construction capabilities after building Type 209, Scorpene and Arihant class SSBN. Yes these all are true.

But the problem is that the heavy weight torpedo under development will not be available before 5-7 years, the SLCM might take upto 2030 to come online, yes we have our own sonar, but still we are using imported arrays from France, as our systems are not that good yet.

And the SSK fleet are planned to fill the void of retiring submarines in the short term, and waiting for Indian technologies to mature will result in more delays only.

An SSBN like the Arihant is a stealth underwater bomber ready to launch nuclear-tipped missiles at an adversary. Its reactor needs to deliver steady speeds as it prowls undetected.

An SSN, on the other hand, is like a fighter jet. It needs a high-performance nuclear reactor which delivers tremendous speed with rapid acceleration and deceleration. It needs a reactor that can perform multiple tasks such as pursuing enemy warships and striking land targets. Opinion seems to be divided regarding the type of reactor that will power the SSN.

SSNs are as important as SSBNs as they can blockade important sea routes, denying the enemy access to important resources in an event of war, and shadow enemy ships.SSN submarine have to defend the Carrier Groups , have to stay deep in the water, to search both underwater and surface targets, chase enemy subs, launching attacks, and many other combat duties, India has the technology of constructing missile submarines, Arihant is an good example, of course Russians helped in several key issues to achieve victory in the ATV program.

Furthermore, yes we did built the SSBN. But that was a strategic project of India, not a project for Navy. All the forces and all the ministries had to cut their budgets to pay for extremely high costs which were paid to the Russians to help us design and test the systems.

We can very well today design a SSK, but to certify it, and bringing it anywhere close to production levels is still very far away and will take a decade atleast. And a lot of investment.

Yes it will be done too, but for the interim it has to be foreign designs built in India. It has always been proposed that the next SSK class after P75I will be desi.




Source:- IADN News

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