India leaning towards the Ka-226 helicopters


The Kamov Ka-226 is a small, twin-engined Russian utility helicopter. The Ka-226 features an interchangeable mission pod, rather than a conventional cabin, allowing the use of various accommodation or equipment configurations. The Ka-226 entered service in 2002. Variants of the Ka-226 have the NATO reporting name of Hoodlum.The military version of Ka-226T is designed for operation in hard-to-reach upland conditions as well as hot and cold climates.The Ka-226T is produced by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, a part of Russian Helicopters, and is currently in service with the Russian Air Force. It performs surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue (SAR), targeting, and transportation of cargo and troops.

Engines and performance

Power for the Ka-226T comes from two Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 engines. Each engine develops a take-off power of 705hp and contingency power of 580hp. The rotorcraft is equipped with engine fire protection system and fire warning system.

The helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 250km/h and cruise speed of 220km/h. It has a maximum flight range of 600km with main fuel tanks. The operational and hover (OGE) ceilings of the helicopter are 5,700m and 4,100m respectively and the maximum rate of climb is 10m/s.

The Government of India is leaning towards purchasing Ka-226 helicopters from Russia and also creating facilities for own domestic production of these aircraft, reporters learned on Tuesday from Anatoly Isaykin, head of Rosoboronexport.
“According to the results of the tender, the Indian side is interested in purchasing Ka-226 helicopters and also in establishing domestic production facilities. The Russian side is ready to transfer these technologies to India,” he said.
Russia and India are the largest partners in the military-technical cooperation sphere – more than 70% of armaments and military equipment in the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy are of Russian and Soviet manufacture.
According to estimates by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, in 2014, Russia supplied $4.7 billion in weapons and military equipment to India, in 2013 – $4.78 billion.
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