Is India wasting its time and resources on building aircraft carriers?

Well, absolutely not. Aircraft carriers are great assets for any naval forces in the world for supermacy at sea and it is a floating air base protected by couple of other ships namely submarines, frigates and attackers.

Building an aircraft carrier is not a joke and it does require an advanced expertise and technology to build such a mammoth ship for floating on the sea though it is very expensive compared to any other weapon and platform for defending a country in any crucial warfare. India has a great legacy of operating aircraft carrier right after the independence and is one of the first Asian countries to have aircraft carriers.

Besides, India is one among the only handful of countries which operates aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers give India a super power status at sea and can virtually rule the sea at any time and any where without being offended much. Aircraft carriers are very essential to respond quickly and block enemy fleets entering into India’s sea zones.

Additionally , only a few countries have the expertise, technology and ability to build such large ship , proudly one being the India. India is a major stakeholder and an ultimate power in the Indian Ocean. To protect maritime interests and friendly countries concerns , India does require at least 3 aircraft carriers.

India already operate one aircraft carrier ( INS vikramadithya) and another one is about to role out in 2021 called INS vikrant built indigenously. Moreover ,India is also planing to build its third aircraft carrier INS Vishal in the nearby future which may be a nuclear powered aircraft carrier unlike conventional diesel powered.

Since for the first time India is building its pioneer project of indigenous aircraft carrier, it is certain that, it may take some longer and bit expensive than acquiring one from other countries. Having said that , building something indigenously give us a sense of pride and great authority and it will help India to enter into the elite group of few countries which have the ability of building such mighty platform. Besides, building such huge platform will generate more employment and opportunities and the will be circulating back to the Indian economy other than simply paying to other countries.

Therefore in my opinion ,India is going on the right direction and will see India a successful country which can even go one step further in the future a supplier of such ships for other countries.




Source:- Quora

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