Japan Offers 10 Percent Price Concession For Indian US-2 Aircraft Deal

ShinMaywa US-2 japan amphibious will be force multiplier for indian navyJapan has offered price concession for the purchase of 12 US-2 amphibious aircraft for the Indian Navy.

“Japan is offering a price concession of more than 10 percent per aircraft from $133 million per aircraft to around $113 million, and the $1.35 billion government to government deal for US-2 amphibious aircraft is now ready for finalization,” Indian defense sources told Defense News.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in mid-2014 his wish to buy US-2 amphibious aircraft, made by ShinMaywa of Japan, for the Indian Navy. However, negotiations suffered as the Japan refused to lower the quoted price of $133 million per aircraft.

Negotiations were revived last month, as various media outlets reported that Japan was considering reducing the price as much as possible for the aircraft deal with India.

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