MoD to decide procurement of 54 Harop weapons from Israel on Feb 8

In yet another big boost to the Indian military, the Defence Ministry might soon consider the purchase of 54 Harop weapons from Israel ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The Harop is an unmanned aerial weapon system manufactured by the Israel Aerospace Industries. Unlike other drones that drop bombs, the Harop becomes a rocket in itself. It is one of those unusual weapons that loiter in the sky and once a target is set, it does not release a weapon but becomes one.

According to the Times Now report, the Indian Air Force had acquired the Harop around a decade ago and the Defence Acquisition Council, headed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and comprising Defence Chief Secretary and chiefs of the military are likely to repeat the order during their next meeting on February 8.

What makes it deadly is that the UAV has a 20-kilogram ammunition package and is very accurate, which is why the Indian Air Force is keen on procuring it. It also has the enormous capability with a loitering capability of about six hours.

During the meeting, the DAC is also expected to consider the acquisition of other weapon systems such as the 105mm blank ammunition that is usually used for the 21 gun salutes, three cadre training ships for the navy, an upgrade of the Samyukta electronic warfare system and satellite communication systems.





Source:- Times Now News

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