Modi government had planned for 148 Dassault Rafale ?

Former Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar, who was in the thick of things when the Rafale deal was in the making, came out all guns blazing in support of the Narendra Modi Government and termed the recent reports on the files, some of them  highlighting his negative comments regarding PMO and Defence Ministry working at cross purposes, concocted.

Mohan Kumar recently told media that once the purchase of 126 Dassault Rafale was stalled under UPA government, Modi government had to renegotiate the deal and it was decided to go for 148 aircraft from 126 jets to 148 aircraft through the initial deal was for 36 aircraft in a fly-away status.

112 aircraft could have been made in India under transfer of technology and recent tender for supply of 114 aircraft under new tender suggests the current government is still on track to execute initial plans for the procurement of 148 jets in total.

Indian Navy also has a requirement for 57 Carrier-based fighter jets and with Dassault Rafale already in production locally in India it could have been a prime candidate for further orders which could have further improved price due to the scale of production but with a restless attack by the opposition for pony corruption charges could derail well-sorted plans to buff up IAF’s falling fighter jet squadron.

The Dassault Rafale is a French Twin-Engine,Canard Delta wing,Mulitrole fighter aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation for wide range of short and long-range missions, including ground and sea attacks, reconnaissance, high-accuracy strikes and nuclear strike deterrence.

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