Modi Prepping for Israel

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Israel later this year. It will be the first visit by an Indian PM since the countries normalised relations in 1992. In the context of India’s growing ties with Israel, particularly under the Modi sarkar, this is being billed as an important moment that will expand bilateral engagement to new levels. Though the dates are still being finalised, observers say that it will take place sometime in June-July.

To lay the groundwork for this historic visit, foreign secretary S. Jaishankar is going to Israel soon, one of many high-level visits that usually precede Mr Modi’s trip. Apparently, Mr Jaishankar himself follows national security adviser Ajit Doval, who visited Jerusalem for two days recently. Likely more such visits will ensue, not just by two of

Mr Modi’s closest aides, but also other senior babus, specially those dealing in defence matters. Curiously, the proposed itinerary of the PM does not include visiting Palestine, though MEA mandarins maintain that India’s Palestine policy remains unchanged.

Modi-led government seems to have accorded a greater priority to this relationship with President Pranab Mukherjee visiting Israel in October 2015 in what was the first such visit by an Indian head of state to Israel.






Source:- The Asian Age

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