Navy, coast guard to get 200 new ships: Parrikar

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday said that the defence ministry will go in for around 200 new ships for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard in the next 10 to 12 years, for either replacement or enhancement of potential.While speaking at the international seminar on advance defence shipbuilding technology, organized by national institute for research and development in defence shipbuilding (Nirdesh), Parrikar said shipbuilding activity is in the doldrums and in this condition, economically, the industry is suppressed and probably an advance in technology can help it.Speaking at the seminar, admiral P Murugesan, vice naval chief, said fishing and oil exploration are the two reasons essential for development of India, but, to carry out unhindered development there has to be order at sea. Order at sea, means maritime security, he said.He also said that with a limited amount of budget, the mantra adopted in the Indian Navy is ‘indigenization’. “Today, 46 ships of different varieties are under construction in Indian shipyards, starting from an aircraft carrier, destroyers, etc. By the time, they will be inducted into the Navy 25 to 30 older ships will get decommissioned,” he added.

He also said that more ships need to be built to augment the Indian Navy’s size.

Source:- Times of India

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