New mini-submarines threaten Sir Creek

Pakistan’s military build-up in the disputed Sir Creek region is continuing. A ‘mini-submarine,’ built by Turkey, for use in the Sir Creek area, that India also claims, has arrived at the Keomari Port in Karachi. This is the first of the four ordered from Turkey. Defences sources said that they are smaller than conventional submarines — being a little more than 110 tonnes — and can be used in these waters. They are small and this makes detection more difficult. There is more concern as the Pakistan Navy is building up the Keti Bander Port, possibly for submarines. The depths in the Sir Creek waters do not allow the movement of conventional submarines, but smaller submarines can function in the area.

The four ‘mini’ submarines will replace the MG110 Italian submarines that were with the Pakistan Navy and used by naval commandos of the Special Service Group.

The acquisition of the submarines comes in the wake of recent reports about Sir Creek and Pakistan’s build-up there. A new Sir Creek battalion — the 32nd — is ready and will be headquartered in Gharo. The 31st battalion is already placed there. Air defence systems have also been improved in the area.

Pakistan is also in the market for diver propulsion vehicles or underwater sea-scooters, inflatable body armour systems, and rigid-hull inflatable boats as well as para-motors. These could be used by the naval wing of the SSG.

Sir Creek is a disputed area with Pakistan holding on to the area west of it and India, the eastern side. But Pakistan wants and attempts to claim the entire Sir Creek area.

Meanwhile, the steel-cutting — an early stage of construction — for the first Milgem-class corvette being made in Turkey for the Pakistan Navy began on October 29 in Istanbul. Pakistan hopes to buy four such corvettes, each one about 2,400 tonnes, in the next six years. To monitor construction and provide better liaison, Pakistan Navy has even established a mission in Istanbul.




Source:- Times Now

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