Had it not been for RSS, J&K, Punjab, Bengal would have gone to Pakistan: Yogi Adityanath

ASKING THE Opposition what was wrong in raising issues of “Gai and Ganga”, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath on Friday came out in support of the RSS, claiming that if it was not there, West Bengal, Punjab and Kashmir would have gone to Pakistan. Replying to the discussion on Governor’s address in the Assembly, Adityanath said: “Agar RSS aur Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee (founder of Bharatiya Jana Sangh) na hote to West Bengal, Punjab aur Kashmir… Pakistan ke kabje mei hote.”

He added that it was wrong to discuss such organisations, which have nothing to do with politics. “RSS is the only organisation, which does not take any help from the government…,” he said.

“Some even try to link the National Song with communalism but if RSS was not there, then people would have forgotten to sing Vande Mataram in schools,” he claimed, adding that RSS runs 64,000 educational institutions.

Two days ago, targeting the government for “concentrating” on issues of ‘Gai, Ganga and Gau Raksha’, the Opposition had alleged that RSS had not participated in the freedom struggle.

Expressing concern on the reducing water levels in Ganga and Yamuna, the CM said: “Ganga and Yamuna are our identity and if these are finished, the country and its culture would be finished.”

“Kaha gai aur Ganga ka mudda uthate hain… Kya yeh mudda uthana galat hai… Ganga humari maa hai, Gai humari mata hai… (They say we raise issues of cow and Ganga. Is it wrong to raise these issues? Ganga is our mother and so is cow),” said Adityanath.

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Targeting Opposition parties for staging walkouts after alleging poor law and order situation, he said they had indulged in “rajniti ka apradhikaran… apradh ka rajnitikaran…prashashan ka jatikaran, apradhon ka vyawasayikaran … tabadlon ka udyogikaran (criminalisation of politics, politicisation of crime, casteism in administration, commercialisation of crime and industrialisation of transfers)”. Stating that his government would deal strictly with crime, he said “These incidents are like the fast breaths of someone about to die,” he said.

Responding to Leader of Opposition Ram Govind Chaudhary’s remark that Ram Mandir would have been constructed if BJP had not interfered, Adityanath asked the Opposition to come up with a proposal to build the temple.

Calling the Governor’s address the government’s “vision document”, he said his government does not represent any particular caste or religion but would work for all. “Those who ruled the state for years are today questioning a two-month-old government.”

The CM said the decision to shut down illegal slaughterhouses was taken following orders of National Green Tribunal. “No action was taken against illegal slaughterhouses in the past despite NGT’s order… it appeared that these slaughter houses were above the government.”

On triple talaq, he said the practice will have to end for women empowerment. “Matra shakti ka shashaktikaran teen talaq ki pratha ko rokne se hoga (Women empowerment will get more teeth with abolition of triple talaq),” he said. Earlier, the Assembly was set to continue till May 22, but after the CM’s reply, it was adjourned sine-die.





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Source:- Indian Express

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