Why Rashtriya Rifles Scares The Shit Out Of The Terrorists

The Rashtriya Rifles are the largest Counter insurgency/anti-terrorist force in the world made up of soldiers deputed from other parts of the Indian army, who receive special incentives while serving in the Rashtriya Rifles. One half of the RR come from the Indian Army’s infantry, and one half from the rest of the Indian Army.

Rashtriya Rifles have access to various weapons from small arms to rocket launchers, from radio sets to drones. RR has emerged one advance force deployed to counter terrorism and insurgency and they have done their job effectively.

You can understand the role of Rashtriya Riffles and also about why they are so deadly. When the unit was restructured and deployed by General B C Joshi, it was a like a Quick Response Team.

After the Sri-Lankan Operations the world in south was calm but due to invasion of Soviets in Afghanistan and hard hitting of soviet forces made taliban run for their lifes, Pakistan who is enormously funding the Taliban against the interest of Afghanistan was finding difficult to operate.

Pakistan diverted the whole Talibani activities towards Gilgit-Baltistan and started insurgency of militants in Indian Kashmir. When India realized it, it was already very late. India were launching operations against terrorist in which CRPF comes in, kill terrorist and get out from the terrorist inflicted area after operation is over. This was giving windows to terrorist to run and come back after departure of the Indian troops.

“The continuous employment of Army in counter-insurgency duties along with existing conventional threat warranted a specially structured and organised force to deal with India’s internal security situation.

“A credible force was required to be raised to deal with frequent deployment of Army’s formations and units in internal security, which could also provide support to the Indian Army during.

The cat and mice game won’t last long as the Indian military leader understood the situation. The then Indian Army’s chief, General B C Joshi moulded the Rashtriya Rifles, which was raised by General Sunith Francis Rodrigues into a dedicated counter-insurgency force.

What makes the RR deadly is:

They have the best available vehicles, weapons and radio sets. In fact the RR units were even the first to receive bullet-proof jackets and patkas (Bullet proof helmets).
RR soldiers and officers are undergo a 4 week pre induction training at the CORPS BATTLE SCHOOL to fight the most hostile enemy operating in urban and semi urban area.

The reputation of Rashtriya Rifles as a specialised anti-terrorist force has a tremendous impact on the militant’s psyche who avoid any kind of direct confrontation with RR troops.

Due to the proactive nature of operations conducted by well-trained and well-equipped troops, militants lost a number of their cadres, arms and equipment which was a grave setback to them. Such pressures against the militants have been continuously maintained by RR troops in a relentless manner. The motivation of all ranks to perform better has it roots in various factors such as a sense of pride to get selected in a special force with a separate identity, dress and organisation. Each individual is given here the opportunity to prove his mettle in operational field.

Rashtriya Rifles battalions are always maintained at full authorized strength.

What makes the presence of RR more deadly is they enjoy the implementation of ASPFA( Armed Forces Special Protection Act) which enables them additional rights of conducting a search, attesting and detaining suspects on the basis of information anytime.
One of the biggest achievements and the perimeter of their excellency is that they have worked very hard to restore the peace in valley.

Rashtriya Rifles has killed around 21,000+ terrorists in the past few years, these numbers cannot be matched by any force of the world. It’s hard to even imagine how are the people surviving in Kashmir, amid so many terrorists. But Rashtriya Rifles is definitely a great job of saving the citizens of Kashmir.






Source:- Quora

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