Russia offers three refurbished Kilo-class submarines to India

According to Indian Navy officials, the Russian state-owned JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) is considering offering three refurbished Kilo-class submarines to meet its shortage in diesel-electric submarines (SSK).

The entire package was dubbed ‘Three Plus Three’. It is valued at $ 1.8–2 billion. The formalization of an agreement was expected at a meeting of Russian and Indian officials in Goa in March, which was canceled due to an outbreak of coronaviruses. On Russia’s proposal, submarines are reportedly ships that are about 30 years old.

The potential defense deal was expected to be raised at the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission meeting on Military and Military-Technical Cooperation (IRIGC-M & MTC) to be held in Goa last month but was canceled due to COVID-19 epidemic.

The Indian Navy will receive three Sindhughosh kg (Project 877EKM) -class SSK, which entered service in 1990, 1991 and 2000 respectively, extending its operating life to 10 years.

Russia’s offer for refurbished submarines comes from a shortage of diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy due to delays in the induction of French-designed Scorpene-class vessels. The Indian Navy has made slow progress in finalizing a supplier for six new submarines under it. Project 75I program, estimated to be worth $ 7 billion dollars. The Indian Navy can rapidly incorporate older Russian kilo class submarines as it is familiar with the design and its equipment.

One important capability that the Kilos provides India is cruise missiles launched by their submarine. They are equipped with the Russian-supplied 3M-14E Club-S missile, which is almost identical to the American Tomahawk.

The cruise missile (SLCM) launched by the Russian 3M-54E1 Club-S submarine has an estimated 220-km range against surface targets.





Source:- Armed Update Blog

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