Russia will participate in testing Indian Nuclear Submarines equipped with Ballistic Missiles

The Russian military will take an active part in ensuring the testing and acceptance into service of the Indian nuclear submarines equipped with ballistic missiles (SSBNs),” – said the publication.

According to the interlocutor of “Izvestia” , the Indian side has provided the Russian technique of tests of nuclear submarines.”As part of the recently achieved intergovernmental agreement, we will send their experts and composition of the ship to assist in the testing of the Indian nuclear submarines, – said the source publication.

Previously, the Russian Navy participated in the organization of rescue and hydrographic support testing SSBN “Arihant”. appropriate forces and resources, including search and rescue ships To this end, in the waters of the Indian Ocean were sent. This experience was positive, and it was decided to continue the cooperation.“

“Izvestia”, citing a source familiar with the situation, informed that the rescue ship of the Black Sea Fleet “Epron” from September 2015 to March 2016 was based in Visakhapatnam, providing sea and deep test Indian boats, because India is not a rescue ship with modern equipment.

According to Indian media, the planned construction of a series of 4-6 type “Arihant” boats until 2020. Head boat project was launched back in 2009, but further refinement and testing of the submarine took nearly seven years. The boat can carry up to four ballistic missile K-4 Indian design, with a range up to 3500 km. Currently, there is a high degree of readiness SSBN “Aridhaman”, which is to be launched this year.

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