Should India provide submarine tech to Taiwan, When World has backed off ??

Indian efforts to sell submarine technology to other countries are being opposed by the Chinese. Those nations that attempt to supply the technology to Taiwan are generally risking their diplomatic ties with Beijing.

Recently China warned India and the United States from providing any level of technical assistance to Taiwan for development of local Diesel Submarine fleet which no country wants to provide due to Chinese bullying tactics for over a decade now. Germany, France, Japan and Sweden who all can manufacture and sell pretty advance diesel Submarines for over years have backed away under Chinese pressure for the supply of their submarines which forced Taiwan to start an ambitious program to develop submarines locally.

Taiwan has asked world community for the supply of critical technology which will help them assist to develop next-generation Diesel Submarine which will come handy in defense of the island nation against Chinese forces. The United States of America is very keen to help but doesn’t manufacture Diesel Submarines but has encouraged many allies to share technologies related to the submarines with Taiwan but without much support.

 India or other hand doesn’t manufacture Diesel Submarine on its own but had developed many key Indigenous technologies which will play a crucial role in the development of indigenous submarine in near future. a few of the Key technologies which India has developed is what Taiwan has asked from the world community.

India on other for years has avoided selling weapons to countries who have some level of conflicts with China in the region, Taiwan which China claims as its own only further complicates the situation for India without much in return. India instead of providing direct technical assistance can help train their engineers and technicians which can help them develop technologies which they can develop locally for their submarine program, instead of picking up a fight with China for little monetary reasons without getting much in return strategically for the country.

Times of India quoted Hua as saying, “China is firmly opposed to any country to have any military links with Taiwan. China is consistent and clear cut. The US and other countries fully recognise the sensitivity and the danger of this issue. They should prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues, thus avoiding harming of bilateral relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

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According to local media reports, the boats will be assembled using Japanese construction techniques. A Japanese team consisting of retired engineers from Mitsubishi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been supporting the Taiwanese government as technical consultants since the early days of the IDS program.

U.S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin will serve as systems integrator and reportedly also supply the subs’ combat management system. (Earlier reports indicated that U.S. defense contractor General Dynamics also offered its AN/BYG-1 submarine combat management system.)

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