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US alone can’t get UNSC seat for India, says Chinese media

The official Chinese media said on Friday that the United States is trying to use India as a lever to contain China’s growing influence but added that it is unlikely to succeed in its attempt.

The state-backed media was responding to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent speech in which he talked about rising US collaboration with India while criticizing China for practicing “predatory economics”.

In its editorial comment, the hawkish Global Times said, “Since New Delhi is also stressful about its increasing gap with China, it makes an ideal target for Uncle Sam to unite against Beijing.”

The editorial said New Delhi should not feel pleased about Tillerson’s comments because the US cannot ensure a seat for India at the Security Council all by itself, and without China’s consent. Nor would it (the US) be ready to share high-end technologies (with India) because the US is keen to sell goods but not the know-how, it added.

The comments come ahead of Tillerson’s visit to India next week, and US president Donald Trump’s first Asian tour which will also cover China in the first two weeks of November.Earlier, Chinese foreign ministry had objected to Tillerson’s comments saying he was taking a biased view of China. But the ministry also tried to show it was not unduly worried about improved India-US relations.

“We are happy to see the development of relations between India and the US as long as they are conducive to the peaceful development of the region and enhancement of relations among the regional countries,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang had said on Thursday.

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 But Lu also advised the US to “abandon its biased views on China and work with it towards the same goal to uphold the momentum for a steady and sound China relations”.

Meanwhile the editorial said, “While India looks forward to receiving more US military know-how, the US is simply willing to supply military products. Washington has failed to contain China’s growth in the past and cannot succeed in this goal in the future. Such a goal would actually hinder growth for the whole of Asia.”






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