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Former interior minister and Chairman Senate’s Committee on Interior Senator Abdul Rehman Malik Tuesday has expressed grave concerns over the statement of Pentagon that the United States is planning to use Indian satellite in war-torn Afghanistan.

“The Indian Satellite spectrum will be covering the Pakistan region and will put our security at danger as India is an arch enemy of Pakistan,” he said while talking to newsmen here Tuesday.

Rehman Malik said that the news had annoyed the Pakistani nation as India would never remain restricted to use the satellite for information on weather for Pentagon but it would continue to facilitate India to have surveillances of Pakistan’s all highly sensitive installations.

Rehman Malik while expressing his grave concerns and worries said that Indian satellite would be violating the Pakistani space and it was like giving edge to India over Pakistan.” He asked the officials in Pentagon to refrain from the option of using Indian satellite in Afghanistan as it would push the region in further instability and chaos. “It is now an international admitted fact that India and Afghanistan has ganged up against Pakistan and USA needs to remain neutral in the region to ensure the stability”, he said.

Rehman Malik said that some of our ministers are also working for India and they should be exposed. Rehman Malik said that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recent diatribe against Pakistan at a Nato summit in Warsaw had disappointed Pakistan and its nation and it was obvious from the Ghani statement that he was playing in the hands of India. He also said that the world must know that it was India which had broken Pakistan into two pieces and abetted in the separation of East Pakistan in 1971.

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He said that instead to be apologised and remorseful for this act of interfering in the affairs of another sovereign state, Indian PM Narendra Modi himself proudly confessed it during his visit to Dhaka in Bangladesh. “This crime of interfere in the affairs of another sovereign state falls in the category of war crime, thus India should be investigated for its war crime,” he insisted.

He said, “We have such examples from our history where countries and states were investigated for war crimes. Hence I and the people of Pakistan demand that former Indian PM Indra Ghandi and then Indian Army chief should be tried”, he asked.

Rehman Malik called upon the international community and United Nations to order an inquiry commission to investigate the war crimes had committed by India in war 1971 in which Indian forces had killed thousands of Pakistanis through its created force Mukti Bahani in then East Pakistan. He said India not only abetted the Mukti Bahani but a worst role directly played by Indian forces in the mass killings of Pakistanis as confessed by PM Narendra Modi.



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