What are some of the best kept secrets of world politics?

“ They didn’t just fool the CIA, they fooled the entire U.S. government, and I’m The first to admit they fooled me too.”

This statement comes from US administration official after the successful nuclear test conducted by India (Operation Shakti) in 1998.

India conducting more secret operations Operation Kahuta, Muktivahini, Operation Shakti etc.

But now we are talking about Operation Shakti because of the question, entire world political heads, defense personnel were taken aback after this Operation, the secrecy of the operation shocked all the intelligence agencies and the important thing about this Operation is political will, dedication, strategy and perfect coordination between political, defense, and scientists.

Planning of the operation is tremendous and really being an Indian I feel proud that we successfully fooled world’s best agencies, and worlds powerful countries.

Talking about the operation during the time of Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao ji, India has decided to test the nuclear weapons but due to the pressure of America and CIA satellite they procrastinated the program, after few years Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji became prime minister then Narasimha Rao ji asked Atal ji to consider facilitating nuclear program, Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji decided to continue the nuclear program secretly and by the hard work of our scientist and political will and support of our defense agencies we have done it.

Political heroes of the operation.

Why I’m saying the operation is secret is because of planning involved.

  • Select testing site at military range.
  • Work at night.
  • Organizing a cricket tournament

And participant’s : (A. P. J. Abdul Kalam ) , Natraj (R. Chidambaram) etc. Both played an important role in the operation and following are the other participants

Views of CIA & US:

The test site in pokhran was buzzing again in this month but the spy satellite missed the clues, they were looking but not close enough To see clearly.

A colossal failure on the part of our intelligence agencies, said The chairman Richard C. Shelby republic of albana, Something went wrong, somebody failed to do thier job, to let this slip away from our policy Makers.

These are some of the the statements, after the test. Whole world was shocked, after seeing India’s move.

According to me, in Indian history, this is the most secret Operation because whole world was under shock after this.

And the New term was invented Nuclear flash point.




Source:- Quora

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