Why India should consider buying 40 more SU 30 MKI?

With the Sukhoi-30MKI fighter — the backbone of the air force fleet — nearing the end of its production run, its manufacturer, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), is taking up a case to build 40 more. If the defence ministry accepts HAL’s proposal, the inventory of the Russian fighter would be enhanced from the planned 272 to 312.

Indian Air Force’s 272 multirole air superiority fighter Sukhoi Su-30MKI fleet might be boosted to 312 if Ministry of Defence and Indian Air Force agree to procure 40 Su-30MKIs more Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and as per latest media reports looking like all three parties will come to a positive consensus after a recent meeting with all concerned parties.

With HAL offering to price the additional Su-30s at just Rs 4.25 billion, the fighter will be barely one-third the cost of the Rafale. According to a Business Standard analysis, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is paying Rs 11.25 billion per Rafale, excluding the price of weapons and logistics.

A Final decision will be taken by end of this year but it is most likely HAL will get a fresh contract for 40 more Su-30MKIs which they are offering at a very competitive price as the country already has required infrastructure and manpower to manufacture them without any additional cost same as previously supplied.

HAL offered to manufacture 40 Su-30MKIs which were modified to carry a Single 2.5-ton BrahMos-A under its Belly. DRDO already has planned to field an 800km ranged BrahMos-A in near future and performance of recent trials of the missile system has showcased that a Game changer weapon system like BrahMos-A can act as a shield against formidable naval adversaries while patroling Indian ocean.

How will the capability of IAF get enhanced with this deal?

IAF has plan to induct 42 su 30 mki to carry Bramhos-A, India can manufacture another 40 aircraft which can carry 2.5-ton Bramhos-A,

The air-launched version of the BrahMos has been downsized to 8 metres and 2,560 kgs. Even so, mounting it on a Su-30 requires reinforcing the aircraft’s underbelly and installing a heavy-duty mounting station. It is easier and better to kit out new Su-30s to carry the BrahMos, rather than carrying out structural modifications to old aircraft.

The IAF is slated to receive 200 air-launched BrahMos-A missiles in the coming years. In order for the Su-30MKI to carry and launch the BrahMos-A, the aircraft’s undercarriage needs to be reinforced and hardened electronic circuitry to withstand the electromagnetic pulses of a nuclear blast — the missile can reportedly carry a nuclear warhead — installed, next to other modifications.

Ministry sources indicate a proposal to build more Su-30s would be considered positively, given the shortfall of IAF fighter squadrons. HAL is currently building the last 23 Su-30s of the 272 it was mandated to build. The IAF’s first 50 Su-30s were built in Russia.

India plans to upgrade its 80 su 30 mki to super su 30 mki .With additional order India can negotiate for much sweater deal from Russia. India has already taken various step to improve the operational serviceability of su 30 mki

India already operates much-advanced version of su 30 mki than China. The enemy cannot ignore 312 aircraft armed with bramhos-M(300 km) & bramhos-A(800 km).With China ramping up and upgrading its flanker fleet.The Indian government should consider this offer seriously


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