Why were Mig-21s used against Pak’s F-16s and not Su-30 MKIs

Pakistan Air Force sent 10 F16s from three airbases towards the Naushera sector in India. Target was to engage Indian Brigade HQ and Army installations.

Indian Air Force scrambled jets to take on incoming fighters, two MiG21s sent from Srinagar; Su30MKIs went airborne.

MiG21 Bison managed to reach the spot in time to intercept one F16 D with its R73 short-range missile.

The F16 D with two pilots got hit and two pilots ejected within Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. MiG21 Bison crashed across the border, pilot detained by Pakistan.

Why Mig21 engaged F16 ::

The taking down of a modern F16 with the relatively old MiG21 Bison is an unusual feat in aerial combat.

MiG21s, the quick-reaction jets, was based at the nearest airfi eld to the intrusion location, which is Srinagar. The jets armed with R73 short-range missiles reached the target zone fast to engage with the retreating Pakistani F16s.

The reason why more modern jets were not used is that the area of intrusion was closest to the MiG21 base.

In 1971 war, MiG21 brought down Pakistani F104 Starfighters.




Source:- ET

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