5 High-End Inductions for Indian Armed Forces this Year

2019 will be a high-end year for Indian Armed Forces from inducting new Fighter Aircraft to Helicopters and new Small Arms. In this post, I will be discussing these High-End Inductions and their features along with their viable effects on Indian Strategic and Defence Deterrent Capability.

A. Rafale Omnirole Fighter Aircrafts:

In 2019, Indian Air Force will induct its first Rafale DH/EH ( Single Seater Version is EH while Dual Seater Version is DH ). Indian Air Force Rafale will be of F3R standard and will feature some top-notch weaponry which includes the Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) and MICA air-to-air missile. The range of weapons on Rafale are quite diverse with MICA, Magic and Meteor air-to-air missiles; Apache, AS30L, Paveways, Hammer and Storm Shadow air-to-ground missiles; and Exocet anti-ship missiles.

Indian Rafales will be based at Ambala and Hasimara bases which will support Indian forces against any possible Chinese aggression in Northern Sectors and against Pakistani forces in CAS missions and close quarter combat including Maritime Operations and Recon missions.

B. AH-64E Apache Heavy Attack Helicopter:

In 2019, Indian Air Force will be receiving 22 AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopters. IAF will also get 812 AGM-114L-3 Hellfire Longbow missiles, 542 AGM-114R-3 Hellfire-II missiles, 245 Stinger Block I-92H missiles and 12 AN/APG-78 fire-control radars. The AH-64E attack helicopter is the latest version of the AH-64 with uprated General Electric T700-GE-701D engines and features some really advanced features like M-TADS/PNVS (Lockheed Martin Arrowhead package) electro-optical fire control and sensor system , AN/APR-39 Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) , AN/APX-123(V)5 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder , AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometer (RFI), AN/AVR-2B(V) Laser Warning System (LWS) , AN/ALQ-211(V)1 countermeasure set and the the Exelis AN/ALQ-136(V)2 radar pulse jammer.

C. CH-47F Chinook Utility Helicopter:

India is buying more than a dozen CH-47F Chinook Heavy-Lift Helicopter from the United States after it sealed a deal for 22 AH-64E Apache Helicopter and 15 CH-47F Chinook Helicopter for a sum of almost $3 Billion. CH-47F is the modern rendition of the Chinook Helicopter albeit with multiple upgrades and lifetime extensions which has made the Chinook still viable for multiple Air Forces around the world even after 5 decades of its introduction. Indian Air Force will induct its first Chinook next year on February as Indian Air Force are conducting training sessions with their USAF Counterparts on Chinook.

D. Agni-5:

Indian Strategic Command has completed the trials for its first Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile Agni-5 and is all slated to induct it this year. The missile with a range greater than 5500 km with a three-stage propulsion system is noted to be the spearhead of India’s Nuclear Deterrent Policy against a much aggressive China. Agni-5 outclasses every other global missile system in terms of accuracy, navigation and guidance coupled with the fully-digital control system and advanced compact avionics.

E. New Rifles and Carbines:

Indian Army might replace its older INSAS Series of Rifles, Sterling Carbines and Kalashnikovs with new SIG Sauer SIG-716 Battle Rifles and Caracal CAR-816 Carbines. Both of these weapons have been shortlisted as L1 Bidders and if all goes well, then these weapons might see service with Indian Army by this year-end.

SIG-716 ( G2 variant ) has lately entered service with India’s National Security Guard (NSG) and the secretive Special Group (SG) as a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Chambered in 7.62mm NATO, it features a 16″ cold hammer forged heavy contour barrel and supports a 20-round magazine, coming with the freedom to attach various accessories like Red Dot/Holographic/ACOG or Telescopic Sights. SIG-716 has been declared as the lowest bidder for the 72,000 Battle Rifles, Indian Army will purchase to equip its combat troopers in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Insurgency Ops in Kashmir and North East. CAR-816 is a 5.56x45mm Carbine featuring design details from AR-15, HK-416 and CM-901. Like many contemporary 21st Century Weapons it can support various accessories including a Fire-Selector to fire in Semi-Auto and Full Auto Modes.






Source:- Harsh B Mishra Quora

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