Shaheen-3 missile will be able not only strike on Indian’s Andaman and Nicobar island but also pakistan another enemy Israel+-


Shaheen-III is a land-based surface-to-surface medium range ballistic missile.Development began after developed India’s Agni-III missile. Shaheen-3 was successfully tested on 9 March 2015 with 2750 km (1700 mi) range– a range of up to 1700mi, which could enable it all corners of India and reach deep into the Middle East parts of North Africa and Southern Europe. Shaheen-III is able to reach far Northeast India and Tri-service command of India located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Pakistan recently conducted another test of in house developed Shaheen III Intermediate Range Ballistic missile test firing, Who can strike anywhere in India and covers Israel too. The typical range of Shaheen III is some 2700 kilometers. who carry warheads upto some one Tons. However there is no mention of actual payload capacity. Pakistani sources said the test validates various technical aspects and parameters.
    The Shaheen III is the successor of earlier Shaheen short range ballistic missiles. However many technical aspects comes from the Failed Pakistani space programs. The Shaheen III project is a derivative of Pakistani satellite launch vehicle.
     Pakistani officials said the Shaheen can carry multiple warheads used to defeat the Indian ballistic missile defense shield. This allows Pakistan get credible deterrence against Indian Nuclear missile’s. However there is no information of  Pakistani Re entry vehicle program. Pakistan needs to research more to achieve the RV technology. It’s clear Pakistani’s don’t have an RV or MIRV warheads. However they do have heavy one ton nuclear warheads.
    Pakistani officials told the test is against the Indians who is more active in modern thermonuclear projects and the three layer of missile defense systems. The modern Indian Nuclear warhead can be delivered through Submarines, Aircraft’s and Ballistic Missile systems. The term called as Nuclear triad. The three layer missile defense system comprised of Israeli Indian Barak 8 based LRSAM, the home grown AAD,PDV and the newly planned S 400 Acquisition from Russia.
   So The Pakistani’s need more better delivery options to penetrate Indian defense shield to further perform a nuclear missile attack. The Pakistan has low end of nuclear deliver options. The Pakistani deterrence based on  medium range ballistic missiles and unproven Air launched cruise missiles. Those systems will not have a capacity to penetrate Indian airspace due to dense air defense network and surveillance in India.
   Many analysts confirm the Shaheen III is originally meant for Israel, Who always looks to steal the Pakistani Nuclear warheads. The Israeli’s tried twice to perform such missions. One with India another alone. Both are not executed due to lack of ground options from India. Israel destroyed  dream of Iraqi and Syrian Nuclear capability. Pakistan is the only one escaped from the Israeli attack so far. However that will not last long.
   The Israeli Intelligence along with West and Americans who keeps their eye’s always over the Pakistani Nuclear warheads. Since the warheads can be easily transported and sold to terrorists. There is a early report in Daily Mail that ISIS is very close to buy a Nuclear warhead from Pakistan.
    The Israeli’s also have a good layer of missile defense systems. Which is considered as one of the best systems along with USA. The Ballistic missile defense system comprised with PAC 3 systems, David Sling system and the more powerful long range Arrow ballistic missile defense system. Those missile defense layers can protect each and every inch of the Israeli lands.
   Israel do have credible nuclear deterrence, comprised by submarine launched platforms, Air launched platforms and missile launched platforms. The Israeli’s using modified Dolphin class submarines. Which is believed to carry Tomahawk missiles armed with Nuclear warheads. However there is no confirmation of the source. Except US president Clinton’s mention of Tomahawk missile sale to Israel. It’s clear the Dolphins do carry the Popeye cruise missile whose range upto some 1500 km armed with Nuclear warheads. Most of the Israeli nuclear programs are highly classified.
   The Pakistani’s are always under watch of Israeli intelligence and the recent Indo Israeli mutual pact’s brings India and Israel more closer against the Pakistani’s.
    So it’s clear the Pakistani long range missiles won’t pose a serious threat, When all of the Indian missile defense systems becomes operational.


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