Agni-V Missile Test : Chinese missile expert says China must increase presence in Indian Ocean

China should enhance its maritime presence in the Indian Ocean to counter the missile tests by India, claimed a report in a Chinese newspaper. The increased concern shown by China comes after India successfully conducted tests on its Agni –V missile last week.

In an article published in Chinese paper Global Times, it is argued that the latest missile test constitutes a direct threat to China’s security. Quoting what a Chinese missile expert, the write-up stated that the testing of the nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is a challenge to global nuclear-nonproliferation efforts.

The report tried to undermine the missile development by expressing doubts about the capability of India’s missile technology. “Though the missile could theoretically hit Beijing, India’s missile technique is far below the standard,” the Chinese missile expert was quoted as saying in the report.

However, it also asked Chinese authorities to stay alert and upgrade their anti-missile techniques. As per the article, this measure should be taken as India is allegedly developing weapons with China on its mind which will eventually lead to a nuclear arms race between the powers.

The article also argued that the test should be seen with a wider perspective alongside India’s increasing co-operation with China’s rivals such as Japan, Australia and the US. “India is trying to build a military system with Australia, Japan and the US in order to keep a closer watch on China, which poses a direct threat to China,” an expert was quoted in the report.

The answer to these problems, the article states, is to increase the economic and military presence of China in the Indian Ocean region, which as per the article is a “must enter” region for the Belt and Road initiative besides being an essential part of country’s strategy to develop an efficient maritime power.

The article highlights the rising concern that China has, about the rise of Indian capacity and capabilities, which it sees as a threat to its attempts to monopolise the entire region including the Indian Ocean.






Source:- Money Control

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