Arihant is operational, Thank you Russia

Ins arihant

Sources confirmed that Arihant completed all kind of sea and weapon trails as the K 4 successfully tested from INS Arihant, earlier last week ship spotters from Turkey saw the Russian submarine salvage vessel Epron transiting towards Russia, who was in Vizag for the past couple of months to help the Arihant in her trails.

The Arihant was developed completely with the help of Russians, and based on the older Russian Charlie class submarine, who comes with double hull to suppress the noise to make the ship more silent. Arihant’s heart, the nuclear reactor is designed by the BARC, who get full support from the Russian to miniaturize it and fit inside the submarine. The Arihant’s nuclear reactor is capable to generate 83 MW power, to propel and provide electricity to the Ship.

For pro long period of dive, one need unlimited propulsion, power supply and oxygen, it can be met only by the nuclear reactor who can produce unlimited power from the enriched uranium for more than ten years. the Arihant’s range only capped by the shortage of food. Mostly the submarine can stay in the underwater for more than three months, without any small movements.

The Submarine converts the sea water into breathable oxygen with the help of electrolysis present in the sea water. meanwhile the scrubbers inside the submarine can inhale the carbon dioxide and other toxic gases buildup in the Submarine. Sailors can consume packed food and water for living.

The basics of the above two major systems in the Submarine along with hull design was supported by the Russian engineers, who was actively worked on the INS construction center in Viazg, major electronic systems and control systems are indigenously made with the help of Indian private companies.

The missiles and ejection systems are completely designed by the state run DRDO with the help from private owned L&T and public sector unit BDL. under the missile program, two missiles were developed one fat missile and another slim missile known as K 4 and K 15 respectively. both of them tested in various conditions and pontoon launchers before going to be inducted in the Arihant.

The Arihant has four launching tubes, each can launch three K 15 missile or single K 4 missile, SLBM’s are also a critical technology to be developed, since the height of the missile need to be shortened below 12 meters to fit inside the Submarine for vertical launch.

The Russian  submarine salvage vessel Epron, was there in Vizag for the past seven months to assist the Arihant’s trails, Epron is specially made for underwater special expedition mission, used to search and monitor underwater activity, who can also assist the Submarines in case of any emergency. Epron almost works similar like Submarine rescue vessel, who carries ROV and other systems.

After the final voyage of the INS Arihant trails, just a day ago it was successfully test fired the long range K 4 missile, whose range is 3500 km officially, Sources say the Arihant can be used as a test platform, while it’s predecessor INS Aridman is going to be inducted into the Navy for deterrence patrol. who is twice the size of Arihant.

It’s once again Thanks to Russia for the tremendous help to build the Nuclear submarine in our Nation.




Source:- Life of solider
Author :- Sajeev Jinoi

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