Better Option for LCA Tejas : M88 or FE414 Engine

According to French Media ” La Tribune ” France and India are on the way to use M88 Engine for India’s indigenously build light Combat Aircraft.

M88 Engine
M88 Engine is a french afterburning turbofan engine developed by Snecma, Currently, it is used for powering the Dassault Rafale i.e. Twin Engine Fighter jet. M88 Engine has a dry thrust of 50kN and wet Thrust of 75kN with a bypass ratio of 0.3:1.

FE414 Engine
The General Electric F414 is an afterburning turbofan engine, Currently, it is used for powering the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EADS Mako/HEAT, Saab JAS 39E/F Gripen and having a dry thrust of 57.8kN and wet thrust of 97.9kN.

The basic criteria for Single engine fighter jet ie Thrust Criteria. So, FE414 Engine is the better option as compared to the M88 Engine.

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