Big disclosure: Has the Coronavirus killed about 1.5 million people in China?

The coronavirus spread from China has been a major problem for the world so far. If China had informed the world on time in this regard, then perhaps the world would not have seen these days.

Till now thousands of people have died due to this virus. In China too, a large number of people have died due to this virus, but so far only more than three thousand people are being claimed by this country, it seems baseless.According to a report, China has hidden a truth associated with coronaviruses. Hong Kong-based blogger Jennifer Jeng, based in New York, has made shocking revelations in this regard. According to this disclosure, China’s mobile company China Mobile Rekies has informed about the company’s 81 million mobile users being inactive in the last two months.

In the first month of the year of the Unicom company, 1 million mobile users became interactive. Whereas in February of China telecommunication, 56 lakh users became interactive. In this way, the sudden disappearance of 1.46 crore users in China is a matter of concern. From this, the same speculation is being done now that all these consumers have died in China due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.





Source:- Daily Hunt

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