Drones Replacing Donkeys? Indian Users Mock Chinese Troops Carrying Out Logistical Support in Tibet

Indian Keyboard warriors have got together to mercilessly trolls China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the first violent clash in 45 years along the Line of Actual Control in June of this year.

China’s state-funded Global Times posted a video related to the PLA on Tuesday, claiming border defence soldiers are engaged in logistic support near the Line of Actual Control, however, without linking it to the ongoing border tension with the Indian Army in Ladakh region.

In a seven minute documentary on its border defence soldiers stationed in Ngari, it shows that troops are transporting essentials with the help of vehicles and donkeys at an elevation of 5,681 meters in Tibet region.

Soon after the video popped up online, Indian keyboard warriors started posting snarky comments. One of the users observed the soldiers in video as “so feared”. “This video is very helpful for their family as they won’t go back,” he commented while indicating that Indian soldiers will not spare them in the event of confrontation.

“What happens to your unmanned helicopter?” asked one user as Global Times had earlier posted a video of swarm of drones and helicopters claiming that these will help PLA troops in sub-zero temperature in the event of war. “China from drones to donkeys! Propoganda u turn”.

In the longest border stand-off ever between the two countries, India and China have been reinforcing their military assets in Ladakh region to prepare themselves in case of war. Reports suggest that both sides have deployed more than 50 thousand additional troops besides tanks, fighter jets, and missiles in the region




Source:- Sputnik

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