The T-90 is a Russian third generation main battle tank.It is the latest development in the T-series of Russian tanks and represents an increase in firepower, mobility and protection. It is manufactured by Uralvagonzavod in Nizhnyi Tagil, Russia. The T-90S entered service with the Russian Army in 1992.

Although it was licence built by our own factories,ingenious technology has been proved beneficial. The Bhisma boasts of a new frontal Kanchan armor which was tested superior than its Russian counterparts. The engine was given upgrades like protection systems, navigation gear, thermal imaging sights and fire control systems. The new tank is designated as T-90M Tagil. FSAPDS rounds containing long-rod kinetic energy penetrators has been attached to the new armory. There is also a battlespace management terminal plus a fibre-optic gyro-based land navigation system.

T-90S tank is 9.63m long ,3.73 m wide and 2.22 m high.It weighs around 46 tonnes.The tank is fed by automatic loader which removes the need for a manual loader in the tank and reduces the crew to 3 which includes commander,gunner and driver.

It weighs just 48 tons and has a crew of 3 which is made possible by the use of an autoloader for the 125 mm smoothbore gun. The unique feature of this tank is its ability to fire the Invar anti-tank missile from its barrel. The other special feature is that, even though the 12.7 mm machine gun mounted on the turret is manually operated, it can also be remotely controlled from inside the turret by the commander. The Indian variants have indigenous Kanchan ceramic armour which is topped by a layer of Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA). It is powered by a diesel engine which makes maintenance easier and reduces fuel consumption compared to the gas turbines of the T-80.

It is said that the Indian T-90S are downgraded variants of the Russian T-90A, but the Indians have fitted it with Israeli, French and Swedish sub systems and have made it possibly better than the Russian variant itself. It is slated to be fitted with the Saab LEDS-150 Active Protection System (APS) which will give it a 3-layered defense against enemy anti-tank munitions. The first layer is the APS, the second layer is the ERA and the third layer is the Ceramic armour. The T-90S can be easily deployed anywhere as it can be airlifted by Il-76 and C-17 transports of the IAF. India operates around 600 T-90S and the eventual number by 2020 is expected to be around 1500 tanks.

According to latest media reports, India plans to upgrade Russian made T-90 tanks with latest technologies to keep it modern and fighting fit for next decade, Indian authorities have all ready had a meeting with makers of the tank in Russia recently and are planning on list of key technologies which will be part of the major upgrades planned by India.

Major upgrades to the tanks planned is Automatic Target tracker which once locked will track the target in auto mode with full 360 degree coverage without inputs from gunner; another upgrade planned will be see improved Thermal Imager for better Night Fighting capability. Most of the upgrades planned with enhance tanks fighting in modern warfare.

Meanwhile, the defense ministry has also approved $375 million fund for the purchase of armored fighting vehicle protection and counter measure systems for more than 3000 T-90 tanks. The system will warn & destroy impending attacks from anti-tank guided missiles, rocket propelled grenade/rocket launcher and projectiles fired up to velocity of 1000 m/sec.

“The system should be capable of detecting attack from more than one direction in case of near simultaneous hostile threat (minimum of 0.4 second gap) and neutralize up to two threats. The system should have multi launcher capability/ auto loading to address threats from different directions simultaneously,” the Army document revealed.

Indian defense ministry has also approved purchase of 2011 modular engine for T-90 S/SK tanks. It will have a variable power output of 1200-1500 HP to cater for high battle field agility mandated with system/ platform level upgrades planned for the T-90S/SK, including its future variants.

Indian Army also plans to buy 464 advanced T-90 battle tanks from Russia for deployment on its western borders with Pakistan.The Rs 13,448-crore contract will include a Make-in-India element for integration at the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Avadi near Chennai.

The 10 new regiments of T-90MS tanks, equipped with thermal imaging night sights to allow the tank commander to hit at enemy locations even during night battles, will strengthen army’s fire power along the land border stretch with Pakistan-from Jammu in north till the western flank in Gujarat.

It is equipped with a 125-mm smoothbore gun – 2A46M-5 launcher, guided by missiles with laser-guided sight with thermal imager. The maximum sighting range of the armour-piercing shells is 4,000 m, and high-explosive shells – up to 9,600 m. The maximum range of the direct shot at the target height of 2 m. is 2120 m. The tank is also protected with dynamic protection against chemical and armour-piercing shells. At the customer’s request, the active protection Arena-E system to combat anti-tank guided missiles can be installed in the T-90MS.

A vital linchpin of India’s Cold Start Doctrine, once upgraded to MS Standard hundreds of T-90 Bhishma are going to be installed on the Western front. And if Pakistan dares commit any harakiri, they are indeed going to be a nightmare to the country that has always promoted Jihadi terrorism.






Reference :- Sputnik News

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