India Moves to Improve Combat Readiness of Russian-Origin Fighter Jets, Tanks

Around 70% of equipment and platforms like warships, submarines, fighter jets, and tanks being used by the Indian Armed Forces are of Russian origin. Hence, it is expected that a new policy document issued by the Defence Ministry will enhance the operational readiness of the equipment.

The Indian Defence Ministry has issued an all-new document to govern India-Russia joint ventures for spares, aimed at enhancing the operational availability of Russian-origin equipment currently in service in the Indian Armed Forces. The ministry, in its eight-page document, has even allowed a single vendor situation with Russian firms. A single vendor situation is unlawful under the existing defence procurement manual and requires special approvals from the minister of defence before the contract can be signed.

“The indigenous production of spare parts / components will result in timely availability of spares and will thus improve the after sales support and increased availability of the Russian origin defence equipment for operational use”, the policy reads.
New Delhi entered into an inter-governmental agreement (IGA) with Moscow to locally manufacture spares and components for Russian-made equipment in service with the Indian Armed Forces in September this year.

The ministry has made it clear to Indian companies willing to jointly produce spare parts in India in collaboration with Russian firms that the produce should be cheaper in comparison to imported items. The ministry has also directed a time-bound manner of delivery of the spare parts.

Further, to expedite the delivery of spare parts, the ministry has decided to skip the commercial negotiation if the price of production in India is lower than 75% of the import price.

India and Russia, in a joint statement issued after the annual summit in Vladivostok, termed the decision to transform the relation from buyer-seller into collaboration. As per an estimate, India purchases spare parts worth over $2 billion annually for Russian-origin weapons and platforms.

The locally manufactured products will enhance the operational readiness of Russian Kilo-class submarines, warships, fighter jets, missiles, electronic warfare control systems, and other systems.
The Indian Defence Ministry aims to increase the reliability and availability of its Su-30 fleet to around 75 percent, which is currently hovering at over 60 percent.





Source:- Sputnik News

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