MIG-35 v/s. Gripen-E? Which one is best choice for Indian Airforce??

Mig 35

Mig – 35 is based on Mig-29 ( kind of upgraded mig 29 which is a bit longer) which IAF already has .Mig- 29 has not so good track record as a fighter ,with smoky engines and poor serviceability . Mig-35 is upgraded with more advanced avoinics and the RD-33mk engine (which is not as smoky as the previous engine on mig 29),Mig – 35 is primarily an airdominance fighter with supermanuverable (it has thrust vectoring nozzles) capability,and it can be upgraded on the way easily to latest techs in time.

The plane has been designed as 4++ generation fighter by Mikoyan. It has been classified as a medium-weight fighter plane by the creators. Speaking to reporters, MiG Director Ilya Tarasenko described MiG-35 as “the best” and added it would beat American jet Lockheed Martin’s fifth generation combat aircraft F-35.

The aircraft also possesses the capabilities to perform aerial reconnaissance with special equipment. 

The primary function of the aircraft is to gain air superiority. It is also capable of performing all-weather precision ground strike. The aircraft also possesses the capabilities to perform aerial reconnaissance with special equipment.

MiGs have been used by India for almost 50 years and MiG corporation proposes its new products to India among the first countries and intends to continue supplying India with its most modern aircraft, the MiG chief said.

With over 100 + Mig-29 variants in operation fleet of both Indian air force and Indian navy, Mig-35 should have been an obvious choice for India but that clearly is not the case with Mig-35 due to troublesome Mig-29 service history with India.

The MIG-35 is powered by twin RD-33MK turbofan jet engines with 7% more power than the baseline RD-33 used in the MIG-29. The new engine negates the smoke-billowing characteristics of the RD-33 and now produces 9,000kgf thrust. The aircraft has a climb rate of 330m/s, maximum speed of 2,400 km/h and service ceiling of 17,500m.

With the capability of being configured with thrust-vectoring nozzles, it makes the MIG-35 Unique Indeed, as it will be the first light fighter jet to have the supermaneuverability feature. The aircraft is also touted to be superior to the Lockheed Martin F-35 used by the United States Air Force (USAF).

Mig-35 is an airdominance fighter and it’s maneuvering capabilities are superior to that of gripen ,performance wise mig is superior to gripen in speed ,range and combat load .Mig is superior in aerodynamics too. But IAF already has mig 29s already ,upgrading them would be efficient then ordering the mig 35s(thats what IAF has plans to do i.e to upgrade mig 29s) and mig 29s have poor service ability . As of now IAF is looking for a light single engine fighters such as F 16s and gripens . Eventough gripen lacks in performance the capabilities of gripen such as it’s superior radar ,EWS and avoinics gives it a edge over Mig 35s . In a mordern day air to air combat a decent fighter with superior avionics and electronics can take over an adversary who is super maneverable and muscular.I am not saying gripen is superior to mig but gripen have the capability to take down the migs yeah they can.



Gripen- E

Gripen-E is upgraded fighter of gripen series .It is a light fighter with advanced electronic warfare capabilities and a broader multirole capabilities .The AESA radar of gripen is superior and has higher field of view than other AESA radars in the world ,the field of view of gripen’s radar is 120 while most other radars has a field of view of 60 degree . Gripens have one of the most advanced tactical links . Gripen carries high off bore sight capable air to air missiles and they carry pretty deadly advanced air to air missiles such as AMRAAM- one of the deadliest missiles out in sky and a helment mounted display to lock and launch missiles! Which can target adversery at 90 degree off the sight! And they have IRST tooThe next deadly weapon of grippen is meteor a long range air to air missile , which has three times the kill proablility of AMRAAM and with high range and mordern than it. Meteor has no escape zone of 60km!

Gripen have defeated F16s and F18s in combat exercises in 2004 (thats a older gripen variant) Gripen proved to be superior especially in BVR combats than the F16 and F18. Grippen have advanced datalink as I have already mentioned . A Gripen can share it’s radar data with four other gripens i.e a single gripen can switch on it’s radar while its fellow gripens can switch off their radar (it is a little steathy too as other gripens dont emit radar waves) Gripen can coordinately attack an adversary ,while one jams the adversary othet gripen can track it while another attacks it.

Gripen E has weapons like guided glide bombs, long-range and agile air-to-air missiles and heavy anti-ship armaments. Additionally, the aircraft has an inherent precision strike and stand-off capability, says Saab

Gripen E offers here is a Contemporary Electronic Warfare abilities that is what truly matters in Next Gen. warfare. The price is high but that is because Gripen has got so much to offer.

Gripen NG is the most advanced multi-role fighter in the world. Gripen is, by design, a true multi-role fighter aircraft, capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions under all conditions in any environment.

Saab has also set out a comprehensive plan within India’s Make in India initiative, which will include transfer of state-of-the-art technology; setting up of an aerospace eco-system in India, including a manufacturing facility; creation of a local supplier base; employment of a well-trained Indian workforce in engineering and manufacturing.

Gripen E has a new electronic architecture (Net Centric Warfare – NCW). Judged ten times faster than its competitors. The new central system PPLI (Participant Precise Location and Identification) and connects all the slopes internal and external sensors (RAVEN, IRST, EW39, ATFLIR pod) and then offer the best responses to threats. This is right now best thing in Gripen as per me and after F 35 it is the only fighter to be able of that.

The Gripen E is driven by General Electric’s (GE) F414G turbofan engine rated at 22,000lb (98kN). It features a new high-pressure turbine and a new six-stage, high-pressure compressor.

“The aircraft’s engine and design enable it to fly at supersonic speed without using an afterburner.”

The Gripen E features a digital cockpit with three large multi-functional displays (MFD) including a few 3D screens. The cockpit also features a hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) which provides superior situational awareness for the pilot.



Now India is looking for single engine figter and Gripen-E is one of the most advanced single engine fighters it is superior to even F16 block 70, and plus unlike migs, Saab has agreed to manufacture grippen in india with complete TOT and also help in development of Tejas. ( yes we have license maufactured migs but they are different and Russia is a great friend ) If you are asking which one should india buy Gripen-E or Mig 35 I would vote for Gripen.



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