Russia offers heavy flamethrower ‘Tosochka’ vehicles to India

Russian Defence Ministry recently offered the latest heavy flamethrower ‘Tosochka’ vehicle to India for defeating the enemy personnel in fortifications at recently sum up Defence Expo 2020. The TOS-1 heavy flamethrower is a Soviet 220mm 30-barrel or 24-barrel multi rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank chassis.

The TOS-1 was designed for defeating the enemy personnel in fortifications, in open country, and in lightly armoured vehicles and transport. This weapon system boosts the power of Indian armed forces to tackle the enemy in the mountain regions near the Line of control against Pakistani forces who try to push the terrorist inside the Indian territory in the Kashmir region.

The “combat vehicle” BM-1 based on a modified T-72A chassis and fitted with a rotating launch system for 24 unguided thermobaric rockets. All rockets can be launched within 6 to 12 seconds. The launch vehicle is equipped with a fire control system with a ballistic computer, aiming sight and 1D14 laser range finder.

Specifications, the other standards equipment consists of a TKN-3A sight for the commander, a GPK-59 navigation system, an R-163-50U radio station, and 902G smoke grenade launcher with four barrels. The original rocket for the Tos-1A had a range of only 2,700m, but the improved version of the vehicle extends the range to 6,000m. According to some sources its range is 12 Km.

Operators, the three-man crew is armed with one AKS-74, one RPKS-74, three RPG-26s, and 10 F-1 hand grenades. The BM-1 is fitted with similar equipment as the T-72 tank.





Source:- Armed Update Blog

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