What are some interesting facts about Ajit Doval?

Ajit Doval is the fifth National Security Advisor of India and a retired IPS Officer who was previously the head of Intelligence Bureau. His actions speak of his greatness and how they translate too the level that he is revered as a Master Strategist and Intelligence Officer who had served in Pakistan as an undercover agent for a well over 7 years !

He had an active role in curbing terrorism and insurgency in various states of India like Punjab and Mizoram. He had been part of the negotiations in well over 15 Hijackings of Indian Airlines over a period spanning 28 years.

He also headed the Operations Wing of Intelligence Bureau for over a decade and also founded Joint Task Force Intelligence and Multi Agency Centre.

He also played a key role during Operation Black Thunder when he went inside Golden Temple as an undercover ISI agent to gather vital intel and updates and also to demoralize the Sikh Militants and make them surrender.

He also infiltrated the top leadership of Mizo National Front which was then waging an armed aggression against India. He won over half the dozen of its top commanders breaking the backbone of the organisation and making them sue for peace. During these periods he lived undercover in Myanmar and China. Later he played a cornerstone role in merging the state of Sikkim to the Union of India.

Perhaps his biggest success was changing the doctrine of Kashmir and Pakistan policy from going from defensive to aggressive what is termed as the Double Squeeze Strategy. He won over militants in Kashmir in 1990s , making them counter-insurgents in Army push toward curbing militancy and terrorism in the valley.

He master-minded the top priority Surgical Strikes in PoK and Myanmar towards curbing insurgency and terrorism. As a NSA , he helped secure 46 Indian Nurses after they were kidnapped by ISIS. He contacted the Iraqi Government discreetly and set many things into move which made ISIS , to set free the nurses. Another cornerstone of his NSA Career was his way to handle the Doklam Standoff. His way of his handling made even the Chinese media to mention him the prime schemer behind Doklam Standoff.

The Tact-Fullness of Doval has got a unique chance to meet the Iron Hand of present government , which aim to curb internal security issues which larges loom upon India as a whole. Doval has advocated for strict and stern measures against Anti-National elements which has translated into Action in both Kashmir and the Red Corridor of India.

Doval has been actively utilizing the present atmosphere to his conducive means to further the national interest. His advocation of stern measures to take on national interest plans rather than taking on appeasement means as we saw in previous regimes. His measures has translated into action which has been oft touted as excessively agressive. The veteran spymaster possess much experience in handling insurgency and terrorism in hostile areas and presents a comprehensive approach towards this plan which is made clear by his one statement : “You may do one Mumbai ; You may lose one Baluchistan “. His approach to engage the enemy at three levels and to use money and power to turn the waves for terrorism against the perpeators itself has yielded much results in the Indian case.

He has also advocated for certain strong covert capabilities to further the national interest issues which should go above individual morality issues in larger interest. This makes Doval much ahead of his predecessor who instead of advocating peace and appeasement calls for strict use of Armed Forces to break the backbone of adversaries who are trying to bleed India by a thousand cuts using terrorism and militancy as an aid.

His measures have translated into action on ground , as Indian Forces in Kashmir and Red Corridor are breaking new grounds curbing terrorism and armed militancy issues effectively . This has been important as internal security has always been a downside for India as Doval rightly says, “You cannot have a great powerful country if you cannot manage its internal security. It is only the policemen who can fight this battle and win it. Train yourself to become powerful intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, as strong as possible you can.”

All these facts make him truly a great strategist as well as a well deserving man to be the National Security Advisor of the nation whose experience in handling terrorism and insurgency is handy to address the current issues which larges loom over India especially in the context of Pakistan and China. For his achievements as an IPS Officer , he was also awarded the Kirti Chakra , which was actually a military decoration. An outstanding officer as well as a tactical one who performed various on field operations to curb terrorism by building up a strong intelligence background , often risking his life in the process surely deserves our applause and respect.

Ajit Doval being led by Talibani Terrorists during IC-814 Hijack

The veteran Spymaster can be seen here using an ordinary mobile set. This makes him well aware of the fact , how International Intelligence Agencies have been tapping into Mobile and Computer Devices to further their agenda.

Its said , “Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.” Ajit Doval is surely the legends of our time.






Source:- Quora

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