HAL LCH :: Is It A Better Attack Helicopter Than of American Apache ??

In kargil war Indian army feel the need of a Attack Helicopter that is capable of doing operation at high altitudes. In 2006, HAL came up with a new project that now they develop a attack helicopter (LCH- Light Combat Helicopter developed by HAL). After the announcement of this project In 2010 HAL is able to prepare its first prototype which take its first take with in 2010.

No only this that India Army need this type of attack helicopter because of kargil war but also India Army want to replace it’s cheetah and chetak aging fleet and Indian govt does not want that theses helicopter were replaced by a foreign helicopter. Govt want that these helicopter must be replaced by domestically build Helicopter. LCH is based upon HAL Dhruv or we can say that its LCH is a derivative of HAL Dhruv. Because it is based on existing helicopter it reduces the cost of the project. In 2000 HAL Dhruv was inducted in Indian Armed forces. In 2010, IAF interested to buy 65 LCH’s but Indian army want more, Indian army want to buy 114  LCH which help to perform fast combat operation by there own, these helicopter are also used to spy India’s enemies.

LCH will not only help us in war scenario in low altitudes regions like Thar, Rajasthan but also help us in defeating our enemy in Siachen glacier. In past we have to send our army in Siachen without any direct fire support from heavy weapons. All they had was what they could carry on their backs to fight enemy but deployment of LCH in this region will help our army to defeat our enemy in high altitude region.

During its trial in year 2015, LCH become the first attack helicopter in this world who successfully manage to land on siachien glacier  and other high altitudes landing also tested this year from 13000 ft to 15,800 ft. In 2015 HAL received a letter from CEMILAC in the presence of defense minister, in this letter it is mentioned now HAL LCH completed its all trial from hot weather to Extreme cold with different payloads at different speed and HAL LCH passed all its trial.

In 2017 Defense minister Arun jaitely of that time, Inaugurated the full scale production of HAL LCH . This year (2018) HAL tests its own build automatic flight control system, which will replace the automatic flight control system of foreign player which is used by HAL till now. This system is used by HAL in this LCH.

LCH is 5.8 ton attack helicopter, build locally and powered by (made in India) two helicopter engines namely Shakti, these engines are also used to power HAL Dhruv. HAL LCH also feature most modern technologies like smart glass cockpit, anti-resonance vibration isolation system, Armour protection, crash worthy landing system, bearing less tail rotor, 20 mm turrent gun, 70 mm rocket, air to air missile, air to land missile, anti tank, helmet pointing system, and two seater attack helicopter.

HAL want that Indian govt must show case this helicopter to other countries too so that they are able to get some foreign customers too. And it is also assumed that Indian army and Indian Air-force also increase there order in future.  To get foreign customers this attack helicopter is showcased at different defense expo and some countries also there interest in this attack helicopter due to its capabilities. Some African countries are evaluating this attack helicopter because they have keen interest in HAL LCH. This helicopter must increase our armed forces abilities and there are lots of chances of this attack to export.

Empty weight of HAL LCH is 2250 kg  and fully loaded weight of this HAL LCH IS 3800 kg. Unit cost of HAL LCH is $ 17,400,000. Speed of HAL LCH is 260 km/h and its range of operation is 700 km. This attack is much better not only than of same category helicopter T 129 (Chinese build used by Pakistan) but also many of attack helicopter of the world too.

Hope India will progress in defense sector with much more speed then so that Indian Armed Forces can get better domestically build Defense products .


Source:-  Rakshakvach

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